Ebook Review: The Good Luck Girls

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It feels like forever since I have done a proper review, and I’m so glad to be back in business! I hope this turns out well, I’m testing out a new style for reviewing. Like the graphic? I made it with Canva. But on to the book…

About the Book:

Book Title: The Good Luck Girls

Book Author: Charlotte Nicole Davis

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates

Page Count: 400

Genre: YA, Fantasy Fiction, Dystopian

Book Summary:

Westworld meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this stunning fantasy adventure from debut author Charlotte Nicole Davis.

Aster, the protector
Violet, the favorite
Tansy, the medic
Mallow, the fighter
Clementine, the catalyst


The country of Arketta calls them Good Luck Girls–they know their luck is anything but. Sold to a “welcome house” as children and branded with cursed markings. Trapped in a life they would never have chosen.

When Clementine accidentally murders a man, the girls risk a dangerous escape and harrowing journey to find freedom, justice, and revenge in a country that wants them to have none of those things. Pursued by Arketta’s most vicious and powerful forces, both human and inhuman, their only hope lies in a bedtime story passed from one Good Luck Girl to another, a story that only the youngest or most desperate would ever believe.

It’s going to take more than luck for them all to survive.

My Thoughts:

This was loads of fun! Fair warning for readers, this starts out with attempted rape. There’s references to sexual abuse, past rape, swearing, referenced past suicide, and violence. It’s definitely feeling like Handmaid’s Tale but not so much Westworld. I mean, it barely identified with Westworld-apart from the train. At least that I could tell but I admit it’s been longer since I watched Westworld than Handmaid’s Tale. Handmaid’s vibes were way stronger for this book but I’m not complaining as I love that series.

The story tells of Clementine accidentally killing a man fixing to rape her in a “Welcome House” and Aster grabs her little sister and a few other girls and flees. Violet, one of the girls, tells them they can have safe harbor in finding Lady Ghost at the border, but that freedom comes at a price. Desperate, the girls flee lawmen, ghosts, and their pasts in the hopes of finding safe harbor at last. With one questionable ally named Zee to guide them, will they reach freedom? Or forever be a good luck girl?

There’s a lot of character in these pages, though a few spots seemed to drag it picked up quickly again. The pacing was fast for most of the book, and I loved the characters overall. Aster and the other girls were all strong female characters that I loved. I think my favorites were a tie between Aster and Violet.

The nicest surprise in this book was that there was no love interest! It was all about survival. Sure, subtle hints here and there but not overwhelmingly so. It was nice reading a YA book that didn’t have a strong romance side plot. Aster’s primary focus was caring for her sister Clementine, not in getting a boy! Finally, a YA that is all about survival and no romance. (Don’t get me wrong, I adore romance but this makes a refreshing change!)

My Rating:


I received this through my ebook library app. I’m grateful to my library supporting my reading habits. Thank you also for reading my review. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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ARC Review: The Denounced


This book is a dystopian novel. I had, for some reason, thought it a dark fantasy novel. Ned was an interesting character-on the one hand, I liked him, but on the other hand I found him a bit of an irritation throughout the book. His personality wasn’t exactly appealing, but nor was it the worst I’ve ever seen either.

The writing itself was very well done, the plot definitely moved at a brisk pace. I enjoyed the characters, aside from Ned, and without giving away spoilers I liked the setting and the events were interesting enough to keep reading.

I am definitely interested in book two, once it comes about, there was definitely more to be explored by the end of the first book that-again-I’m not saying due to spoilers. One of these days I will learn how to write a review without spoiling things and still have it be an appealing read. But I digress.

As a debut novel, I rate this a 3/5 stars, rounded up to 4/5 because of really wanting to know more by the end of the book.

My thanks to the author for sending me a copy of it, and I hope to read book 2 soon!

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Mini Book Haul!

Went to Half Priced Books an hour before they closed, and picked up a small handful that equaled about $30. For the few I got, the price didn’t make me happy, but these were books that are pricey on Amazon, and some aren’t on BookOutlet (I don’t think). Anyways, here are the shiny new books, all of them book ones of a series (of course).

All of these have been on my wishlist for ages, but of course they’ll have to wait until I get some ARCs knocked off my reading list. I still have several ARCs to read (as usual), but I’m excited to have these waiting for me. Especially that Jim Butcher, because I found books 2, 3, and 6 at my favorite bookstore a while back. I hope to eventually collect the entire series, as well as the series for all these others too.

I hope you all enjoyed this mini book haul. I had four others that I also got, but they didn’t fit into my fantasy blog. (The Girl in the Glass Castle, a SIGNED Lauren Willig mystery book, and a Georgette Heyer that my mother bought for me while she was away!)

I’m also still working on my website, so expect to see some changes throughout the next few months!

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