Shadow & Bone: A Review of the Show (So Far)

I really want this book edition. Stunning!

I have watched the first three episodes of Shadow and Bone and automatically I must tip my hat to the writers, actors, all the crew. Phenomenal job so far!

I’ll try not to make any spoilers here, as I rave about how good a job this was. Granted it had weak moments and sometimes the screen got to dark to see ANYTHING but otherwise, I am so HYPED for the rest of this show and I want to reread the books because *gasp* I never finished it!

Jasper remains my favorite character but honestly I like ALL of them. Alina, Mal, Kaz…the whole of them are absolutely cast perfectly imho. I like that we have a diverse cast. I like that there’s hopefully/definitely going to be a season two. There’s very little that I don’t like and that’s mostly the frustrating lighting issues in the show.

I’m only three episodes in so this isn’t a full review but more hype for the show. If you haven’t watched yet? What are you waiting for, a darkling to save you? 🙂 Trust me. This isn’t a show you want to miss and Leigh Bardugo is amazing. I’m probably going to marathon her books now.

Have y’all watched/read Shadow and Bone? Let me know in the comments!