Screen Time Is My Arch Nemesis!: A Week Long Reading Challenge

Hello Everyone,

Starting Sunday, I’ll be making an effort to read 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s intense, I know, but I am behind on my arcs and reviews are I’m desperate for something to change. In between my laptop and my phone, I have accumulated at least 23+ hours a day on my screens. I write stories and am attempting to be published so I haven’t been reading as much lately. Therefore, I hope to change that this coming week. What am I going to be reading, you ask? Well let me share with you my tbr:

My brand new TBR cart!!! Isn’t she beautiful? I just got my tbr cart as a late bday present mostly because it was slow to arrive from shipping. The top shelf is my priority and want to read, second shelf is potential and hopeful to get to. Ones that I’m most eager for? Belladonna, Wake the Bones, the Hacienda, and a few others. I hope to seriously thin down this cart by next Sunday!

Now, I also have arcs on my phone. I’m allowing myself my phone for my arcs only, plus updating them as read on Goodreads (I’ll forget otherwise), and to check messages from family. Otherwise, I’m not to touch it. Here’s some of my potential kindle e-books on my tbr:

I always go overboard with tbrs lmao ๐Ÿ˜†. But if I truly focus and read everything and not mess with my laptop or phone, I hope to get a crapton of reading done! I’m hoping to get a lot of arcs read, as I’m very behind. I hope to get updates on my reading soon. Let me know any suggestions I should read on the comments!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

September TBR: New Releases + ARCS!

This month is all about reading new books. My libraries (I have two, because I alternate between two different places) have new releases that I’ve been dying to read, and a few I’ve put off reading until the sequels are out, so now I have no excuse, and am eagerly going to be reading these gorgeous beauties!

My Ambitious TBR Pile:


Now, will I be able to read all of these? I really rather doubt it. I might manage, if I keep up the pace, and don’t loose focus. These are also just a handful of books that I really want to read, some of them at least over 500+pages! I sincerely hope that I can get through these, and not lose interest like I’ve been doing here lately (rather a lot, actually).

So those are most of the books that I’m definitely wanting to knock out of my TBR pile for the month of September. A few of them are quite fitting for this month with horror or fall related themes. See if you can guess which ones!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book