Hardback Book Review: Every Heart a Doorway

Every Heart a Doorway

Title: Every Heart a Doorway
Author: Seanan McGuire
Series: Book 1
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Tom Dohurty Assosiates, LLC
Page Count: 175
Rated: 5/5 Stars

Type of Book: Library

Every Heart a Doorway was a fantastical book. I loved all the characters, and it was one of those rare books that included a girl turned guy, an asexual female character, and twins! It starts off with a woman named Eleanor who persuades parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and other such relatives to send their children who weren’t ‘quite right’ after having vanished to her Home for Wayward Children. These are children who have opened doorways into other realms, other universes…and been sent back after a long period of time and now have to adjust to their lives once more. This is a place where Eleanor teaches them to adjust, or helps them to have a place to stay until they can figure out how to find the doorway back again.
Nancy is one such girl, and she arrives with her suitcase full of clothes and unease. She had been pretending she hadn’t left for so long, that when Eleanor asks her where she’d gone, she still lied through her teeth. But slowly, ever so slowly, she begins to realize that these people, these children, are just like her. While they haven’t gone to the universe she had, they still had gone to their own respective universes through various kinds of doorways.
Then a murder happens, and another. And soon they begin to realize that its not safe in the home. Someone is killing them, and they think it’s Nancy, or Jack-the girl who trained as a doctor in her world. Jack and Jill, her identical twin sister, are both struggling to keep together, while Nancy finds friendship with Jack, Kade, Sumi, and others.
The entirety of the book made me think of a darker version of Miss Peregrin’s Home For Peculiar Children, which I also loved.
While this review is short, the book was short as well at only 175 pages, I managed to finish it in one sitting in under two hours, trying to prolong this book because I loved it so. This is another book that I’ll treasure, and hopefully one day be able to go out and buy a copy of it.
At any rate, that’s this book review done, and now-
-Pass Me That Book!