My Year of Reading: I Read 250 books This Year

Hello Everyone,

This year was rough. On all of us. Next year will probably suck even more. But at least there’s books. I’m hoping to double my reading to 500 books next year. Yeah. Unlikely but I’m going to try hard. I really am tired of making tbrs and not following through. Next year? I’m ignoring my slumps and reading everything I can get my hands on. Here’s a look at my Goodreads for this year though. I still have 8 books left but I’m calling it done. I have a week still. And Tor short stories count.

I seriously need to do better next year. I’m sad about the results despite that I read 250 books it’s still not a lot to me.

At least the first book this year is a five star read! I’m hoping that the trend continues next year. I have serious plans for my reading goals next year that I’ll share in another post. I hope all of you enjoyed this brief check in! Hopefully your goals were successful too.

Stay safe and happy holidays everyone,

-Pass Me That Book

Why I’m Not on Instagram

I really want to be on Instragram. I really love looking at the photos of Instagram. I just don’t have the phone capability of being on Instagram, and that makes me sad. So I just muck my way through my blog, which is challenging enough, and work my way through figuring out how to make youtube videos even though I don’t have a good camera in doing so, and attempt to budget for getting both of those things. I hope here soon to have at least a phone so that I can start doing Instagram pictures, and link it up with my blog, because there are some photos that I had really great ideas for, and I have nowhere to share them aside from my blog.

I did do Tumblr for a while, but lost interest in it. It just kept showing me the same pictures again and again, no mater how many new blogs I would find and follow, and eventually, just grew irritating. I might go back to it, I might not.

I am on Pinterest. I don’t have a board for my own personal created photos because I’m still attempting to figure it out, and building up enough photos to post as well. I have linked my Pinterest to here, so you can find me there if curious. I have a few bookish related boards if you want to check it out.

If you have suggestions for other apps that I haven’t heard about, please do share in the comments. I also want to know where to follow you, and share your images and all too!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

Welcome to Pass Me That Book!

It’s been an interesting six years since I started this blog back in March 2015. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and while I don’t have a huge audience in the thousands, 300 followers is not a bad number either. I’m constantly looking to grow and change my blog, and am now in the process of updating it from the beginning.

A few things about me: l read a lot. But I don’t always review what I read especially lately with how busy things are. I prefer fiction but I will attempt the odd non fiction now and again. I’m partial to fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and suspense. I adore a good Stephen King novel or an Agatha Christie comfort read.

I’d love to see new people here, and I am always open for chatting anytime. Just feel free to hit that comment button or the follow button as it helps me out a ton. Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy what you see here!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book