Top Five Books of 2021: A Little Late But Still Here We Are!

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping that 2022 will bring a lot more favourite books. 2021 had some steller reads and these are my top five favorites of last year.

Number Five:

This was a paranormal romance that had scifi elements and I’m still thinking about this book. Goodreads says I read it Jan. 6 of last year. I am now on book four of the series and hoping this is another series that I can finish this year. If you haven’t read these I highly recommend it! Each book has been five stars for me!

Number Four:

This was one that I’d had read in one sitting. I flew through the pages, eager to see what happened, and I found a new favorite author. I now must read everything by this author and I’m behind on her backlog already! Five stars!

Number Three:

I read this entire series last year. I’m caught up and I’m hoping that book five is not the last book. Each book was five stars. I will own the series in physical format when I can. I adored this lgbt werewolf/detective series. Need I say more?

Number Two:

Ahh, this book. I adored the first half but the second was torture in that I am really not one for mathematics and numbers. But the first half was absolutely brilliant and I’m still thinking about it. I may reread it and continue the series because I’m curious as to where this goes. If math and accounting is your thing then I highly recommend this book.


I read this in one sitting and wanted to immediately scream at the ending. I never had a reaction to a book like this before in my life. This easily is my top read of last year by far. I adored this flawless masterpiece. I must buy a physical copy asap.

The Rest of The Five Stars!

I read a lot of amazing things last year. I discovered Allison Brennan. I read and actually finished a trilogy by Kate Boorman. I devoured every book by Shea Ernshaw I could get my hands on. Alice Hoffman enchanted me with her Blackbird House. And Good Morning Midnight was brilliant and I’m eager to see the film starring George Clooney that I somehow missed when it came out. I hope next year is equally amazing for everyone in finding new favorites. Happy reading.

And happy new year.

-Pass Me That Book.