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Netgalley November: A Potential TBR

Hello Everyone,

Next month is Netgalley November and let me tell you. It’s been ages since I did reviews of any kind for Netgalley.

My dream is to get my feedback ratio up to at least 45%. But considering the sheer volume of unread books I would need to put in some serious effort.

That’s not including the 300 backlog books I just never got to! I have been approved for so many things so often and I also am auto approved for four different publishers, that I am overwhelmed at the sheer amount of books in my tbr. So many good ones too! My kindle is stuffed to the brim! Here’s a few that I’m dying to get to:

And many more. These are the top ones on my kindle Netgalley tbr. I seriously need to focus hard on these and more next month. I’m hoping to get through at least ten the first week. I can usually handle that fairly easily. The top ones I plan to read are:

These are top of my list! I can’t wait to dive into them, though a couple are quite big. I’m especially looking forward to reading T Kingfisher at last and I really want to get to The Wolf Den as I heard nothing but good things!

This is just a potential tbr, but the five books selected are definitely being read next month! What are all of you reading for November? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book