Books From My Kindle Graveyard: Snapped

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I decided to start actually reading the books in what I fondly call my “Kindle Graveyard” where I buy loads of freebies and then… never read them. I’m technically cheating as this is a recent purchase not an older one but I really was in the mood for a good thriller. And for those interested it’s still free!


Book Details:

Book Title: Snapped

Book Author: C. M. Sutter

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

Publisher: Self Published?

Purchased: Amazon

Page Count: 300


Book Summary:

Murder happens in Houston, but when the most recent murders take on disturbing similarities, local law enforcement officers fear a serial killer is roaming their streets.

Former sheriff’s department sergeant Jade Monroe has just graduated from the FBI’s serial crimes unit in homicide and is called to Houston with her partner, J.T. Harper, to take on her first assignment—apprehending the person responsible for these gruesome crimes.

With victims piling up and the clock ticking, Jade and J.T. need to intensify their search because there’s no sign the killer is slowing down.

After a late-night epiphany while she’s alone, Jade suddenly comes face to face with the killer, and now Jade is missing. The clock continues to tick—but this time it’s for her.

Note: All Jade Monroe books are standalone stories but since characters carry over, they are best read in chronological order.

Series One – Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series
#1 Maniacal
#2 Captive
#3 Fallacy
#4 Premonition
#5 Exposed

Note: The Jade Monroe FBI Thriller books follow on the heels of the conclusion of Exposed, Book 5 in the Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series.

Series Two – Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller Series
#1 Snapped
#2 Justified


My Thoughts:

As I said in my brief Goodreads Review, I liked it but I had issues with some of it. You really need to suspend belief for some of this, but overall this was enjoyable. It does keep to being a standalone rather well too. Jade was a good, strong character (I liked one scene of how she’s compared to Olivia Benson from Law and Order SUV as she definitely doesn’t seem like her apart from sharing the title of detective.) The other characters were believable, and likable. The plot was strong and had a good flow to it. Overall I enjoyed it but I don’t know when I will continue the series. I’ve barely been in a thriller mood lately and while this was good it didn’t wow me. It showed promise though, and I’ve definitely decided to keep this on my series to watch list.


My Rating:


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May 2021 TBR: An Assortment of Kindle and Physical Reads

A rather delayed TBR post, my apologies, but I’d been pondering how big I want this month’s tbr, considering the last month was a success, despite that I’m still not posting reviews just yet. As is, I’m really in the mood for a lot of books, and I’m really hoping to post reviews after I finish organizing all my posts that are marked as “uncategorized”, which I still got about 400+ to go through. Yay. On a side note, I’m also making new menus, fixing up my website’s aesthetics, and changing things about a bit. Its a slow work in progress, but onwards to the TBR!


These are the current library books that I have. I do plan to finish and hopefully review these within the next month, Carol Bergs being the biggest on my list above, but I can read her work pretty quick usually, and I always enjoy the worlds she writes. Song of the Beast was a favorite back in 2019, as was a couple other stand-alones though I don’t recall their titles. I should be able to finish all of these by the end of May.


And that’s my tbr! I’m most eager to get to Thrown to the Wolves by Charlie Adhara as well as Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s book, Return to the Sorceress. All of these are high on my wishlist, but those two are ones I am definitely going to be reading in the next few days.

What’s your tbr shaping up like? Anything good? Let me know in the comments!

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Book Review: The Haunting of Hillwood Farm

The Haunting of Hillwood Farm

Hello friends,

The Haunting of Hillwood Farm by Kathryn Knight starts off with a strong opening, and is essentially  a ghost story set on a haunted farm, complete with horses and dark, edgy vibes throughout the story.  The story itself began with an opening chapter of a woman named Alice with a haunted kitchen, where a sugar jar moves by itself-and then explodes, causing her to call up a psychic that can hear ghosts speak-a gift that Callie never wanted. Arriving at the farm, more accidents and dangerous events unfold throughout both the farm, and her own place later on through the story. Ghosts, apparently, want her gone.

It’s thought that Alice’s husband, Henry, is the spirit causing the distress as he unexpectedly passed away. There was a lot of suspects throughout the story of who the ghost might be, some nice scenes with the horses, and a few clips of adventure where there’s a fire, a scattering of dangerous accidents, and even a romantic element thrown in with Alice’s grandson, Luke Turner. The three get together to buckle down, and solve the mystery…before someone else gets killed or hurt.

Overall, the writing was strong, and I quite liked all the characters. Everyone felt fully fleshed out and real, and I spent a solid three hours breezing through this story, as once you start, you don’t want to quit. I devoured the book in one sitting, and gave it 4.5 stars. I recommend it for those who enjoy a good ghost story during the summer, or even for Halloween, it would be a perfect read for that spooky atmosphere. The romance was also well handled, and I definitely find myself intrigued in checking out the author’s other works. This book was available through Kindle Unlimited, for those that wish to grab it for themselves, and I highly recommend it.

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Book Review: The Bear

The Bear

Title: The Bear
Author: Andrew Krivak
Series: Standalone
Genre: Adult Fiction
Publisher: Bellevue Literary Press
Page Count: 300
Status: Completed
Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook
Received: Netgalley
Rated: 5/5 stars
Notes: I very much loved this book, it was beautifully rendered! Well deserving of 5 stars!

Lyrical and beautifully written prose throughout the whole book with a moving story about a girl struggling to survive in a world devoid of humanity. I’m so glad that I decided to ask for the arc of this on Netgalley. This is from an author I’ve never even heard of before, but rest assured I’m definitely invested in this author now. I should note that I’m also unfamiliar with this publisher, but am more curious about them as this is my first book read by this publisher, I do believe.

The Bear is a survival story. It’s a story about war, death, and the strength to move on when all you want to do is give up and surrender to the dark side. It’s a story about characters and people who have become the last two human beings in the world, an old man and his daughter. The story focuses primarily on the daughter, and how she grows up to become a strong, independent woman…alone in the entire world.

I found that you did have to suspend belief for some of the story, but otherwise it was very well done, and I greatly adored the writing and prose in this book. It’s well deserving of the five stars.

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Kindle Review: We Own the Sky


What could you create if you fell in love with your muse?

Title: We Own the Sky
Author: Sara Crawford
Genre: YA Contemporary
Series: Book 1
Page Count: 510
Publisher: CreateSpace
Type of Book: Amazon Temp Freebie, Kindle Ebook, New Release, Book One of a Series
Rated: 5/5 stars
Review Word Count: 250
Notes: Another cover that I love!

Music, passion, and muses play a big part in this unique fantasy contemporary alternate world in which muses were once greek gods that inspired us to write, create, and come up with original ideas. The main character is a girl who can see the muses…something that no other human can do. The plot is what made me really want to read the book, but that gorgeous cover definitely helped push me along!

I really loved the many different songs that popped up throughout the book, several of which I recognized being a big music buff myself. I liked the rapid pace of the book, how one could fly through each chapter and without warning come to the end of the book and go-did I really just finish that in a few hours? I want more!

This book is adorable, beautiful, unique, and fun. Filled to the brim with teenagers, music, drama, adventure, and romance it read like that of a movie, and I could definitely see this book hitting the big screens, if it gets the attention it deserves.

I cannot wait for book two, which I hope comes out soon. I highly recommend trying this book out, it’s definitely worth the time to read.

Overall, I’m giving this book a very well deserved 5/5 stars!

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Kindle Ebook Read: A Walk Between Stars

A Walk Between Stars


Amazon Book Review: A Walk Amongst the Stars

{Insert Book Photo}

Title: A Walk Amongst the Stars
Author: Tyler R. Parson
Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery
Page Count: 235
Type of Book: Amazon Buy, Freebie or .99, Kindle Ebook
Rated: 5/5 stars

I found that the cover is what drew me in, as well as the subject matter-a mystery set in space, and a story of survival. I LOVE survival stories, and I also love a good mystery. Therefore, I felt I would surely love this.

Fast forward three months later and I still hadn’t read it.

I finally picked it up, and read it on my phone and was astonished at finishing it nearly three and a half hours later. It was a quick, fun read with suspenseful moments, and dire situations. While the mystery itself wrapped up neatly, the survival bit felt a little too quick, despite the long periods of the main character, Briggs, being trapped outside an alien spaceship that was tugging him towards his own kind.

The writing was excellent, and Briggs was a character that I empthasized with. He was in a terrible situation, but making the best of it. He had no other humans around, and the species that rescued him-Manti-weren’t very talkative. Being stranded, in the middle of nowhere, with limited supplies…while it read fine, I definitely wouldn’t want to be in that kind of situation.

The only bit that made me wince in the book was when he took off his helmet to stuff food into his mouth. The aliens didn’t share the same kind of oxygen, and it was extremely cold to the point of instant death if he stepped onboard. I found the aliens fascinating, and really want to know more about them. The Manti are bug like creatures, that are intelligent and strange.

Briggs finds a friend in one of them, Steward One, who helps keep him company and keeps him from going insane, alone out in the universe for days on end with almost no one to talk to. The two of them become fast friends, and its while they’re on their way hauling Briggs to his people, that Briggs sees something he shouldn’t…and reports it to Steward.

Their laws are different from humans, and their chain of command is essentially the same, but also vastly different at the same time. While they have Captain and Stewards, they don’t follow the same set of commands that our race do. It was all very interesting in reading.

By the end of the book, it became a happy ending resulting in a new friendship, and Briggs turning into a hero, even as he managed to get back to safety, thanks to the Manti and their assistance. It was a fun ride, and I enjoyed every second of it. I hope that there will be a book two, to see if Briggs will come back to the Manti or explain more of the universe that Briggs is in, for there definitely seems to have left a lot to explore in this universe.

Overall, I rate this a 5/5 stars for a fun few hours.

-Pass Me That Book.