Book Review: The Far Pavilions

Hello Everyone, Not the best cover but not the worst! Book Title: The Far Pavilions Author: MM Kaye Series: Book One of Two Genre: Adult Fiction, Historical, Adventure, Romance Publisher: St. Martins Press Page Count: 1000 Goodreads Summary: A magnificent romantic/historical/adventure novel set in India at the time of mutiny. The Far Pavilions is a … Continue reading Book Review: The Far Pavilions

Book Spotlight: Priest of Bones

  This book starts off heavy, with an attempted rape scene of two women, a regiment of soldiers left off of the war so that they have no one to kill, no pay coming in, and all of them are now trained and professional killers. It’s dark, and it’s grim, so with the book review, … Continue reading Book Spotlight: Priest of Bones

ARC Review: The Late Great Wizard

Title: The Late Great Wizard Author: Sara Hanover Series: ? Genre: Fantasy Publisher: DAW Page Count: 350/400 Type of Book: ARC, paperback Review Word Count: Rated: 5/5 stars! Notes: Perfect reading for the beginning of fall, complete with a haunting, house fire, and even wizards along with dwarves! ~*~ How can I share how much … Continue reading ARC Review: The Late Great Wizard

Hardback Book Review: The Last Place On Earth

Title: The Last Place on Earth Author: Carol Snow Genre: YA Fiction Publisher: Henry Holt and Company Pages: 298 Review: I dove into this book and didn’t come up for air until I hit the very end, closing the book with a satisfication that I hadn’t done in an age. While there were books that … Continue reading Hardback Book Review: The Last Place On Earth