Discussion (Part Two): Series/Authors Backlist Titles To Focus On for 2022 (A Hefty List Continued!)

Hello Everyone,

As I’m writing this, the year is wrapping rapidly to a close and I’m still reading quite a bit. I plan to get a lot more serious in reading and reviewing next year as this past year I had a bit of a hiatus. Now it’s time to focus on my blog once again, and that means making priorities of book series to complete/finish for the next year. Here’s more authors and series I’m determined to get to!

Obviously I have quite a bit of books. 55 exactly on this list. I don’t have all of them listed that are on my wishlist that would take up far, far too much space. I’m not going to type up the list but if you want titles feel free to ask and I shall send you the titles in the comments. What’s on your tbr for next year? Anything good?

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Book TBR List: Top Five Dark Academia Books On My Radar

Hey y’all,

Lately I have discovered a love for dark academia and with fall on the way it’s the perfect mood read! So I gathered a list of the top ones that I have been dying for and thought I’d share it with you!


Who hasn’t seen this book floating around? It’s been super hyped up and I’m here for it. For those of you who don’t recall or haven’t known about it, Victoria Lee is also the author of The Fever King, which-shockingly-I haven’t read yet either. But this is high on my radar and I can’t wait!


Who has seen this cover? Because I sure haven’t! I like this cover and it intrigues me into wanting to read the secret history even more but it’s a solid 600+page book. Maybe someday I will get to it.


I have an arc of this that I still haven’t read-whoops. I’m hoping to get to my arcs soon, but I simply lost the will of writing reviews. I’m struggling to get back into it by building up to it. But I’ve heard great things about this book so hopefully I’ll love it!


I adore Leigh Bardugo, so why haven’t I red this yet?! What have I been doing all this time?! Why am I so behind on backlist titles?!? But this has mixed reviews and I am tentative in picking this up. Maybe for Halloween I might!

And finally…


This book looks so stunning! I have an arc of this too, but who here is shocked that I haven’t read it. *heavy sigh*. I’ve actually heard nothing about this book from anyone despite it’s being a best seller? Has anyone read this?

Those are the top five books that are Dark Academia that are on my list! Are any of these your favorites? What ones are you familiar with? I hope to get to these soon but probably wise not to hold our breathes lol.

Until next time,

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Shadow & Bone: A Review of the Show (So Far)

I really want this book edition. Stunning!

I have watched the first three episodes of Shadow and Bone and automatically I must tip my hat to the writers, actors, all the crew. Phenomenal job so far!

I’ll try not to make any spoilers here, as I rave about how good a job this was. Granted it had weak moments and sometimes the screen got to dark to see ANYTHING but otherwise, I am so HYPED for the rest of this show and I want to reread the books because *gasp* I never finished it!

Jasper remains my favorite character but honestly I like ALL of them. Alina, Mal, Kaz…the whole of them are absolutely cast perfectly imho. I like that we have a diverse cast. I like that there’s hopefully/definitely going to be a season two. There’s very little that I don’t like and that’s mostly the frustrating lighting issues in the show.

I’m only three episodes in so this isn’t a full review but more hype for the show. If you haven’t watched yet? What are you waiting for, a darkling to save you? 🙂 Trust me. This isn’t a show you want to miss and Leigh Bardugo is amazing. I’m probably going to marathon her books now.

Have y’all watched/read Shadow and Bone? Let me know in the comments!

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Paperback Book Review: Lord of the Fading Lands


Title: Lord of the Fading Lands
Author: CL Wilson
Series: Book 1
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publisher: Avon
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: Paperback, Library Loan
Review Word Count: 1,000
Rated: 5/5 stars
Notes: Ah, feel the love in this book!

As most followers of mine probably have guessed, I’m not one for romance. But if it’s meshed with fantasy and done really well, then I am all for the romance. Take this book for example. You have a woodcarver’s daughter + the King of a magical species = Instalove! Granted, normally I detest Insta-love, but this was well done and the King is very sweet and not at all an overbearing ass which is something you see all to frequently. But before we get into the nitty gritty review, let’s get on with the warnings, shall we? Because there may be quite a few trigger warnings in this book for readers.

Warnings: one sexual assault, forced betrothal, a man that doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase ‘no means no’ especially when the woman you attack repeatedly tells you no, the King tells you know, her parents tell you know, and the High Council tells you no. Evil mages doing naughty things to women in the bedroom, manipulations, political intrigue, a mother that can be rather harsh and unknowingly cruel towards her daughter by calling her ugly and telling her she didn’t think she would ever get marriage from anyone let alone a king…hmmm. Not sure there’s anything else you might need but a box of tissues.

This book was fun to read, and it’s been a while where I can honestly say that it was fun because of the emotional roller coaster ride! There’s loads of entertaining scenes, and plenty of romance, adventure, political intrigue, and bad guys aplenty in this book. I spent most of the day flipping through the pages, wondering how things could get resolved in time for the ending, and alas there is a happy cliffhanger. I say happy cliffhanger because the characters are together and happy, but there’s obviously loads of things unresolved, leading up to book two. I checked on Goodreads and there’s at least four books in this series, but I’m not positive that’s the grand total.

This book wow’d me with its believable characters. It was the characters that made this book, and the world-building only helped spur it along. I’m irritated that I’ve left this on my TBR for so long but pleased that I have yet another series to attempt to finish*.

The story is as follows:

Ellie is a woodcarver’s daughter, who is often told by her mother who only wants what is best for her that she is hopelessly ugly and possessed by dark spirits so she can never hope to get a man. She had always thought her oldest adopted daughter would be unwed, and happily left her to her own devices, which was reading books about the Fae. Ellie, knowing she has no prospects, is horrified when her parents decide to let Den marry her; a fat little man that doesn’t understand the phrase ‘no means no’.

A whole country away, the King of the Fae senses his mate in distress, and after touching the forbidden object known as The Eye (no, not from Lord of the Rings, stop that) it shows a woman in the country he loathes, and so he travels to it, in the hopes of finding his Truemate.

There he finds her, and rescues her from the man who insists that she is his wife to be. Den doesn’t want her for her ugly looks or her skills, of which she doesn’t have hardly any, or even of her lack of money. He wants her for her magic-and he knows he can gain a mountain of wealth using her for her magic. Hence, he schemes with a suspicious sea Captain, and the two of them plot.

Meanwhile, Ellie is meeting the Queen of the Country, she’s learning the Fae language, learning about their magic, and getting to know the King better so that in three weeks they can be married. It would have originally been one week, because the King can’t stand the country and has to fly back home as soon as possible so that he can mate with his mate, but her parents talked him out of one week to three weeks, and that they have to properly be wed in a church.

There’s quite a lot of politics that get flung in later, and there’s some ruckus about an attempted murder, but the book does end on a happy note which made me happy as well. I liked the characters, and the worldbuilding, and the twin daughters, Ellie’s little sisters, were utterly adorable. It was all very well done, and I’m definitely interested in book two, but don’t need to read it immediately.

Has anyone else read this series, and is it worth continuing on? If so, let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
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Kindle Ebook Review: Larkspur


A Necromancer's Romance

Title: A Necromancer’s Romance

Author: V.M. Jaskierma

Series: Book 1

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Page Count: 50


Type of Book: Novella, Kindle Ebook, Temporary Freebie

Review Word Count:

Rated: 4/5 stars

Notes: Darker than what I typically read, but still worth it!

This was a strange, dark, and lyrical tale of a necromancer. It’s a bit unusual, as I typically am not a dark romance reader, though I’ve heard of this from a few friends and decided to give it a try.

Pierre Salvador is a surgeon and the heir to a duchy, returning to court after years away at University. Now the childhood friend he left behind has grown-up–and is still not wed. But she does not know of his dealings with Mora, the Lady of Death, or what the jealous goddess wants him to do in return for her dark magic.

~Description from Goodreads

I did think that this could use more, the slow build crescendo to the end was nicely done, though it left readers hanging. I liked Pierre, and I liked the idea behind the story as well. I was honestly more interested in the boy who wanted to bring back a girl (won’t say more due to spoilers), but the entire novel speaks of even more stories to be had in the next volume of the adventure.

I’m not going to say that this was one of my favorites, though it is one that I’m still thinking about days later. The ideas for the story are intriguing, and I would love to see how much more in depth the necromancy becomes. Will it be as unique as Dresden Files, for example, or will it not deal with magic but more of the romance? I have added the next book to my wish list, and hope to soon be able to purchase it when I am able.

As it stands, I’m giving this novella a 4/5 stars for creativity, a nice slow-build of a plot, and for the fascinating characters!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

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ARC Review: Undertow


Title: Undertow
Author: Brooklyn Ray
Series: Book 2
Genre: Fantasy, LGBT
Publisher: Ninestar Press LLC
Page Count:
Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook, Netgalley Read
Review Word Count: 400
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: I got book two without reading book one. Whoops.

I really liked this one. At first, I was hesitant in reading it because it was book two, but once I started I could not stop. While there were several confusing moments, such as not knowing who certain characters were or why they mattered to the story, I essentially liked it. I especially loved the character Liam and Ryder, though I identified more easily with Liam.

Warnings: this contains LGBT gay characters, strong sex scenes, blood magic, some light swearing, and lots of drama

This book also contains selkies, witches, warlocks, and so much more! The story was fascinating, and I am definitely interested in getting book one to discover more from this really talented author. I could not begin to describe how much I liked this book once I really started into it.

I’m giving this a four out of five stars, mostly because I was an idiot and requested book two without realizing it, and you kinda do need to read book one to understand some of the things going on in the book. Otherwise, it was beautifully and emotional roll-coaster ride.

Until next time,
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Paperback Book Review: The Summer Country


Title: The Summer Country
Author: James A. Hetley
Series: 1 of ?
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Ace
Page Count: 360
Type of Book: Paperback, Book I Own


Based off the title of the book, and the brightness of the cover, this is actually kind of a dark fantasy book filled with fae, druids, magic, a dragon, and cats. There’s even falcons and other types of birds listed in the book towards the back half of the story as well. This book has an odd assortmet of animals all around, actually, some that might surprise you in the end.

This book features a young woman named Maureen, who is dealing with a traumatic event from her childhood and trying to get over it and be normal as an adult. She was raped as a child by Buddy Johnson, a boy that her sister had gone out with at the age of fourteen when she was just beginning to understand why she liked boys and why boys liked girls. Maureen still hasn’t gotten over it, and doesn’t trust males with a ten foot pole.

It eventually turns from the normal world to the magical world, where a man is following her and that man-named Brian-eventually brings her into an ancient war of prophecies, women with power, and ancient blood that still sings. This book is a like that of a fine irish whiskey-so says Charles de Lint, and I strongly agree with him, even though I’ve never had whiskey, let alone irish whiskey in my life. It looks like an innocent light-hearted fun book, but there’s a war going on that both sides are determined to win for various reasons.

As to the story itself-its not original in that there’s Pendragons and Merlins and Arthurs type story, but the way its written, and the feel of the story is like a breathe of fresh air in a foreign country that you’ve forgotten about over time. There’s different kinds of magic involved-both good and bad, and there’s all kinds of plot twists that you don’t see coming.

I really loved the depth of the characters in the book, the villains were definitely evil enough to be realistic, and the heroes weren’t always brave either which made me happy for variety. There’s also music, and poetry-a lot of Shakespeare mentioned towards the end of the book. There’s a variety of all kinds of magical things in here to tickle your fancy, if you’ll give it a try.

I’m fairly sure that this is the first in a series, but not positive. And I’m currently checking on Goodreads to see if it is or not…and, yes, it is! Book one of yet another series that apparently I’m now invested in.


4.5 stars!