Cheapies and Freebies: Books Bought in May 2019

New Book Tag! I’ve started to keep track of all the  e-books that I’ve acquired in a month that are NOT arcs, and are typically either Kindle Freebies or less than $5 on Amazon. Last month, I purchased quite a hefty few despite the 80+ Arcs that I have to read on Netgalley. *dies forever* Here listed are all the books with author names, though I did not save prices, I will remind myself to do that for this month and onwards. Strikethroughs indicate ones read. *laughs hysterically, because there are none read!* And onwards we go! {Note: this is in no particular order, because I have no idea the order of which I got these, except City of Masks was the last book I got in May.} Listing just my favorite covers as well, because otherwise that’s a LOT of covers to put into the post!:

1.City of Masks by Ashley Capes (got it free, now it’s $3.99)
2.Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain (still free!)
3.The Spirit Child by Alison Naomi Hunt (still free!)
4.The Exchange by M. F. Lorson (got it free, now it’s $3.99)
5.Straight From the Heart by Sam Burns (LGBT Read for June) {got it free, now it’s $3.99)
6.The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon (got it .99c; now it’s $9.44)
7.The Knight’s Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell (still free!)
8.Descent by Sloane Murphy (got it free, now it’s…unavailable?)
9.Iron Breaker by Zaye Feli (LGBT Read for June) {still free!}
10.Royal Bastards by Andrew Shavarts (got it for .99c, now it’s $7.99)
11.Aerisan Refrain by Sarah Ashwood (got it free, now it’s $3.99)
12.Forest of Lost Secrets by Emmett Swan (got it free, now it’s $2.99)
13.Sons of Stars by Nia Rose (still free!)
14.The Brotherhood by Philip Smith (got it free, now it’s $3.99)
15.The Imposter Prince by Wendy Rathbone (LGBT Read for June) (got it free now it’s $3.99)
16.Never Die (New Release) by Rob J. Hayes (got it for .99, now it’s $4.99)
17.Reign of Mist (Sequel) by Helen Scheuerer (got it for .99, now it’s $4.99)
18.Tree of Ages: Complete Trilogy by Sara C. Roethle (still .99!)
19.As Fire is to Gold by Mark McCabe (got it free, now it’s $2.99)
20.The Twelfth Keeper by Belle Malory (got it free, now it’s $2.99)
21.The Finding by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson (still free!)
22.Flying By the Seat of My Knickers by Eliza Watson (still free!)
23.Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa (got it for .99, now it’s $7.99)
24.A Diamond in my Pocket by Lorena Angell (still free!)
25.A Study in Murder by Debra Snow (got it free, now it’s $2.99)
26.Serenade by Heather MacKenzi (still free!)
27.Dragon’s Price by Daniel Potter (got it free, now it’s $2.99)
28.Predator by Liz Meldon (got it free, now it’s $2.99)
29.Dark Siren by Eden Ashley (free)
30.The Prince of Dragons by Tameri Etherton (still free!)
31.The Fuller’s Apprentice by Angela Holder (still free!)

And there you have it. Thirty books gathered and sitting in my kindle waiting impatiently to be read. I’m hoping to at least get through some of these next month when I post the list again and show how many I’ve gotten through. Some are quite short, some are ridiculously long (Priory, I’m looking at you!), and some are just the right length. I might post the amount of ARCs that I got, though that will be easily four times as long as this list! Maybe the ones I’m most excited about? Not sure. Let me know in the comments what you think, and I hope you enjoyed the deals that I brought you, as well as this ridiculously long list of unread e-books.

Also, I tag these lovely people to do the same thing next month or this month since it’s early enough: @BewareoftheReader, @abookutopia, and @howlinglibraries. You don’t have to, of course, this is all just for fun!

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book