Day 2 of 7 Reading Challenge: How Many Books Did I Read Yesterday?

Hello Everyone,

I’m checking in with an update on my week long reading challenge and yesterday I read 3 books! Were any on my tbr? No. I’ll show all the books that I read at the end of the challenge.

This morning I had to get a few things done before I could sit and read uninterrupted. I have a small farm and I must care for animals first. Priorities. I’m also making tea and ate breakfast and now at 10am I can read for the rest of the day. Here are my chosen books:

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Goodreads Summary:


Serena Rogan had traveled from Ireland to pursue a new dream in America. Yet as a washerwoman for Blackjack Kingston in a Dakota mining camp, she knew only slavery and submission. Until she risked her life rescuing a group of Sioux women, and entered a world filled with love and respect – and Black Wolf.

A Lakota medicine man, Black Wolf yearned for the day the red-haired Serena would stop fearing him. For he was determined to show her that a man could be a friend as well as a lover.

This is an arc that I need to read before the end of the month!

Goodreads Summary:

Since time immemorial the warriors of the Paladin Order have harnessed arcane powers to protect their rulers. For Balen, who has given up his chance at love and fought his way to the top of the Paladin Order, there can be no greater honor than to serve his king. But when assassins annihilate the royal family, Balen suddenly finds himself sworn to serve the very man he abandoned.

Now with their nation threatened by enemies both within and outside the kingdom, Balen must fight hidden traitors and unnatural assassins, while also contending with the biting wit and dangerous charm of young King Zavrius. To save themselves and their nation they will have to put aside their past and reforge that trust they lost so long ago.

And I still have all these, minus Past Promises from the historical fiction selection. I’m hoping to get more than three books read today as I have the house to myself and lots of hours to read. If anything pops out at you, and you think I should make it a priority, let me know in the comments!

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Monday’s Memo: Bookish Updates

Monday’s Memo
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Finished Reading:

I read a lot! I picked up five books yesterday, and powered through them one after the other. I haven’t had a chance to pick up anything else yet today but I hope to do the same thing later on.

Physical TBR:

Lots of things that I hope to knock out all in this week! I’m sure that I can manage it.

Ebook TBR:

Three ebooks but I might pick others if I finish these. Also begin to expect more reviews soon as March is #MarchNet, a thing I came up with where I read as many Netgalley arcs as I can. The more arcs I read the more rewards I earn. Bonus points in putting up reviews! More to come on that soon but it was inspired by @HowlingLibraries!

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