Book Review: The Far Pavilions

Hello Everyone, Not the best cover but not the worst! Book Title: The Far Pavilions Author: MM Kaye Series: Book One of Two Genre: Adult Fiction, Historical, Adventure, Romance Publisher: St. Martins Press Page Count: 1000 Goodreads Summary: A magnificent romantic/historical/adventure novel set in India at the time of mutiny. The Far Pavilions is a … Continue reading Book Review: The Far Pavilions

September TBR: I Haven’t Done One Of These In Ages!

Hello all, Lots of things happening in September. September first is my birthday!!! 🎂🎉🎂 Happy birthday to me!!! (I'll be 32 for those curious.) Series September is also going on, meaning you try to knock out as many series as possible. Magical Readathon is happening but I doubt I'll participate in that one. Becca's Bookopolathon … Continue reading September TBR: I Haven’t Done One Of These In Ages!

History or Mystery? Top Six Books On My TBR

Hello everyone, I've got quite the hefty tbr going and so I thought I'd share some that I'm looking forward to reading here soon (I hope!). In no particular order these books are high on my wishlist to read: A historical fiction piece about a group of men surviving in Alaska while the leader's wife … Continue reading History or Mystery? Top Six Books On My TBR

ARC Book Review: Murder Feels Awful

Title: Murder Feels Awful Author: Bill Alive Genre: Mystery, Humor, Suspense Series: Book 1 Page Count: Publisher: Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook   If Sherlock Holmes had the power of empathy, this would be how the books would feel… Sorry, couldn’t resist that little pun up there. Murder Feels Awful is a fun mystery … Continue reading ARC Book Review: Murder Feels Awful

Paperback Book Review: Traitor’s Blade

Title: Traitor’s Blade Author: Sebastien de Castell Series: 1 out of ? Genre: Fantasy Page Count: 370 Type of Book: Library Paperback Rated: 4/5 stars Traitor’s Blade took me by surprise. On the one hand, I loved the characters and the world that the book contained. It was a fun read, fast paced, gritty and … Continue reading Paperback Book Review: Traitor’s Blade