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2012 Reading Goals

Hello all. I have a fair few plans in place, all reasonable or so I hope. I’m eager to meet my goals this year, as opposed to last. Let’s get to it, shall we?!:

Read 200 books. I managed to read almost 250 books last year, and because of a reading slump that hit hard, as well as other issues, I failed in making it to 250. I’m already nearing 15 books read this year, and its only halfway through the first month. If I manage to make it to two hundred, then I will increase it to three hundred books.

Make my Netgalley percent ratio better. Right now, it’s not at a good spot. I think its around 30%? Maybe? And I’m not even going to discuss my older account which has been languishing for almost a year…best not to. I’m wanting to make this back up to 100%. I will be reading a Netgalley ebook at least two a month, to start with. January is to ease into things, so only one book is being read at the moment, but soon by summer, I want five Netgalley books read at a time. I’m hoping to make this better.

Post frequently. Last year, I took an unexpected hiatus from my blog due to not having any wifi, family member deaths, and basically not being happy with blogging in general. Now, I’m back in the saddle, so to speak, and eager to renew all my things. There will be more updates, more guest posts, more things that I promised before but didn’t deliver. I apologize, but the tail end of 2020 was awful. Hopefully this year will be better-in a lot of ways.

Grow my blog. Currently I have about 250 followers. Not bad. Especially with the hiatus. But I’m aiming to do better. I’d like to have 500 followers by summer. Maybe 1000 by winter. I’m hopeful, but I’m also not holding my breathe for this either.

Learn more skills about blogging. I’d like to learn more html. More graphic designing. I’d been watching a lot of how to clips on Youtube, about how to grow and expand your business, your blog. A lot of them are good tips. I’m determined at getting better at this and really making my blog stand out amongst the crowd.

Those are pretty much my plans for 2021. I’m aiming high because I’m ambitious, but I am well aware of another reading slump hitting hard this year being a real possibility. Also, I’m anticipating more disasters and dark days ahead, though trying hard not to think of such. Thanks to all who hung out with me, and are still sticking around. I’m hopeful my blog will continue to be a place y’all come back to.