Book Review: Little Witches

Little Witches

Title: Little Witches
Author: Leigh Dragoon
Series: Book One
Genre: Historical/Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Oni Press
Page Count: 115 (?)
Type of Book: Comic/Graphic Novel
Received: Netgalley
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: A new category for my blog! I’ve started diving into Comics and Graphic Novels, so I figured to add the new button!

Little Witches took the popular children series Little Women and added magic to the storyline. I liked the idea of it, but the execution fell a bit flat. Still, the artwork was lovely, and the storyline definitely had potential. I’d be interested in reading more of the series once it came out, to see where it went. I’d love to explore more of the magic system, and the fact that slaves had magic too was interesting. That there were witch hunters was unsurprising, but the way that they went about hunting witches was intriguing. There were lots of nods towards the original story, and I think the author did a wonderful job in recreating it, though it didn’t quite meet up to what I had originally thought that this graphic novel would contain.

Overall, this is a 4/5 star read for me, and I really recommend it to fans of the Little Women series. While it has mixed reviews, this was a positive one from me. And I am sorry that this review is short, but this is a new thing, reviewing Graphic Novels/Comics, so please bear with me as I step into the learning process of learning such.

Until next time,
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Book Review: Unpopular Opinion


Title: We Hunt the Flame
Author: Hafsah Faizal
Series: Book One
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
Page Count: 500
Status: DNF’d at 35/40%
Type of Book: Hardback, New Release
Received: Library
Rated: 2.5 stars rounded up to 3/5 stars
Notes: Unpopular Opinion-this book was not meant for one such as me.

I really had high hopes for this novel. Everything from the description to the gorgeous cover sounded like my type of read. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, and I was really eager to finally dive into another 500+page epic fantasy series. Alas, that turned out not to be the case.

People lived because she killed.
People died because he lived.

I liked Nasir but his character didn’t really *grab* me. Same with Zafira, however cool her name was, she was a bit baffling to me and I just couldn’t muster enthuasism for her character. Naasir’s story was a bit more promising…but it just fell flat, for both of them. I made it about 150 pages in, before giving up entirely.

Another issue was language. The book really should have a glossary, terminology, and character chart list at the start of the book. There’s supposedly one on the author’s website, but that doesn’t do me much good since I do not have internet at home to look it up, and rely on my phone more often than not for service. Therefore, nothing of that sort for me.

Then there was the Chapter: Boy’s POV and Chapter: Girl’s POV back and forth switch that I hate reading. I like sticking with just the one character, though there have been exceptions-such as The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, but those exceptions are few and far between. It just was frustrating-as soon as I started getting interested in that character, it would swap back to the other and I would loose interest all over again. Ugh.

The writing, admittedly, wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I was interested in the plot’s story arc, but my main complaint is the characters, strange terms, and the weird names. There’s one character whose name is Umm. Seriously? Umm.

I get this is supposedly to be otherworldly fantasy. I get this was building up to something probably epic and awesome and thrilling for all. I get that, I do. But sadly, it just couldn’t keep my attention and I want to read things that I enjoy reading and not have to reach so hard to find the parts that I like. Therefore, unfortunately for me, this is a definite DNF. Maybe I might try again in the future, but it’s highly doubtful.

Overall, 3/5 stars and I feel as though I’m being generous.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book.

Book Review: Small Spaces

Small Spaces

Title: Small Spaces
Author: Katherine Arden
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Page Count: 200
Type of Book: Hardback
Received: Library Loan
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: Warning for some bullying throughout the book, theft of a book, and the main characters mother has died and she’s dealing with it.

Small Spaces was a delightfully quick book to read, apart from the long fantasies that I’ve been doing here as of late. I flew through it in less than four hours, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids were a bit, well, juvenile at times, but they are kids so I let it slide. There’s also a bit of questionable bullying towards one particular character, but in the end it turned out all okay anyway.

The story was delightfully creepy at times, though little to pretty much no gore in this book at all, which made me very pleased. I dislike heavy amounts of mindless gore in creepy suspense novels, for obvious reasons. The stickmen and smiling man I was familiar with in regards to mythological stories that I have read over the years, but this was a new twist to it, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Overall, this was a fun and entertaining read, with the right amount of creepy vibes and dark tones that would make for a great re-read for Halloween, or for those of you who haven’t gotten around to it yet, I highly recommend it for Halloween. You won’t regret it. 4/5 stars!

Until next time,
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Bookish Post: Anna Smith Spark


This is a bit different from the traditional book review, as I haven’t yet read these though I’m fixing to pick up book one here soon, so that I can finally dive into this trilogy of grimdark adult fantasy. As I won the second book in the series, and already own the first book thanks to Orbit sending me a finished copy, I’m eager to sink my sharp teeth into a trilogy meant for those who love grimdark fiction.


They’ve finally looked at the graveyard of our Empire with open eyes. They’re fools and madmen and like the art of war. And their children go hungry while we piss gold and jewels into the dust.

In the richest empire the world has ever known, the city of Sorlost has always stood, eternal and unconquered. But in a city of dreams governed by an imposturous Emperor, decadence has become the true ruler, and has blinded its inhabitants to their vulnerability. The empire is on the verge of invasion – and only one man can see it.

Haunted by dreams of the empire’s demise, Orhan Emmereth has decided to act. On his orders, a company of soldiers cross the desert to reach the city. Once they enter the Palace, they have one mission: kill the Emperor, then all those who remain. Only from ashes can a new empire be built.

The company is a group of good, ordinary soldiers, for whom this is a mission like any other. But the strange boy Marith who walks among them is no ordinary soldier. Marching on Sorlost, Marith thinks he is running away from the past which haunts him. But in the Golden City, his destiny awaits him – beautiful, bloody, and more terrible than anyone could have foreseen.

-As Seen on the First Empire of Dust novel’s Description page on Goodreads

This is a trilogy, as the author has kindly informed me, and that the third book is expected to be released sometime in late July, early August, and is expected to come out this summer, of which I’m greatly looking forward too. My congratulations to the author on successfully finishing a trilogy, and I look forward to reading all three books, as well as her future writings.

You can find the author at her homepage here:, where I’m sure she will enjoy meeting new readers and fans alike. The Queen of Grimdark Fantasy is awaiting your presence.

Until next time,
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Book Review: The Time for Murder is Meow

Time for Murder

Title: The Time for Murder is Meow
Author: T.C. LoTempio
Series: Book 1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Page Count: ?
Type of Book: Kindle Ebook
Received: Netgalley
Rated: 3/5 stars
Review Word Count: 300


This was a quick enough read for me, read over the space of a day and a half. While the plot was interesting, the middle sagged a bit with not enough to keep me interested in the story overall, and admittedly I skimmed a bit towards the end. It wasn’t one of my favorite cozy mysteries ever, but it was still entertaining enough to read on through to the very end. I doubt that I’ll continue with the series, however. The animals were all fun to read, and the characters definitely had their own interesting points in regards to the plot. While I’ve seen some of the tricks pulled before in solving the mystery and therefore figured out the killer about halfway through the book, it was still a reasonable written novel that’s the first in a series.

Enjoyable, and would recommend to new cozy mystery fans. Therefore, I’m giving this a 3.5/5 stars, and I feel that anyone who likes ‘the cat who’ series would enjoy this one.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

Book Review: The Bride Sale

The Bride Sale

Title: The Bride Sale
Author: Candice Hern
Series: Standalone
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Avon
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: Mass Market Paperback
Received: Library Loan
Rated: 4/5 stars
Review Word Count:

First half of this book started off strong, and I very much fell in love. And then the plot took a direction about 200 pages in that I didn’t want or care about and the rest of the book was just a ‘meh’ experience, which is very disappointing. Verity is a strong character, the villagers are cruel and harsh, and the bride sale was a fascinating new historical detail that I hadn’t heard or read of before.

A Bartered Lady
Lord James Harkness is shocked to discover a “bride sale” taking place in his small English village — and surprised by the depth of his feelings for the unfortunate gentlewoman being auctioned off by a disreputable husband. But is it honor and nobility that compel James to outbid the townfolk for the proud, beautiful lady — or is it something more akin to . . . desire?
A Mysterious Lord
Verity Osborne is not sure whether good fortune or ill brought her to this dark, brooding man and his lonely manor house on the moors. Local talk brands James Harkness as evil — but Verity senses a gentleness underneath. She dearly longs for her liberty, but his sensuous touch causes her to stay. However, James must first trust Verity with his secrets if they are ever to share love’s rapturous freedom. And will the promised passion she sees flaming in his eyes warm Verity’s heart . . . or burn her?
-Description as Seen on Goodreads

This was is going on my ‘must buy at once’ shelf, because I just really adored the first half of this book. I should also note that I’ve never read Candice Hern before, at least not that I recollect, and so I’m definitely interested in reading more of the author’s works because she definitely has talent in regards to writing. The romance also wasn’t surprisingly heavy in this book, there was very little smut scattered throughout which made for a pleasant change as well.

Overall, I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars, and hoping to discover more good books by this author in the future. I highly recommend reading this if y’all like learning about old Scottish villages, herbalists, scary castles by the sea, and a guy named Lord Heartless.

Until next time,
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Book Review: Courage to Be Counted

Courage to Be Counted

Title: Courage to Be Counted
Author: Elerie Grace
Series: Book One
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bugle Call Books
Page Count: 400 pages
Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook
Received: Netgalley
Rated: 3/5 stars
Review Word Count: 500
Notes: Interesting, just not for me.

Not for me, sadly. I wanted to like, I really did, and I give that cover 5/5 stars but the story itself just didn’t work for me. There’s nothing wrong with it, and the writing was perfectly fine, but I just didn’t care or connect with any of the characters. It seemed to be meant for a different audience, though I’m not quite sure how to explain it. My grandmother read it and very much liked it-more than I did-so perhaps it’s an age thing? While I appreciate historical fiction, and have an special fondness for WWII stories, I just wasn’t enthused about this one.

Vivian was still a likable character, but there was a fair bit of sexism in this story, as well as unrequited love between characters at the beginning of the story (poor Hank), and I didn’t like how the army/military treated women as though they were only there because they had no other men available. I get that it’s historically accurate, and as mentioned before, I appreciate historically accurate stories.

As the bombs fall on Europe, their new love must survive a deadly war…
Vivian Lambert wants to do her part. When she wins a coveted overseas post with the Red Cross, she focuses on her war service. Falling hard for a sexy pilot wasn’t part of her plan.
Jack Nielsen has a mission. Motivated by patriotic duty and desire to avenge the death of his best friend, Jack commands a ten-man B-17 crew. Keeping himself and his men alive in the fire-filled skies over Europe will require Jack’s full focus. Romancing a headstrong Red Cross Girl is a distraction he knows he shouldn’t indulge.
While Vivian’s work takes her across France and into the heart of Nazi Germany, mounting casualties drive Jack to confront his dwindling odds of survival. As Allied forces converge on all fronts, can Vivian and Jack’s relationship withstand an excruciating battle between love and duty?
Courage to be Counted is the first book in the Clubmobile Girls series of thrilling historical romances. If you like brave military heroes, trailblazing heroines, and romance under fire, then you’ll love Eleri Grace’s page-turning tale.
-Description As Seen on Goodreads

I hope to try this book again in the future, and see if I have a different opinion when I’m older. I thank the publisher as well as Marzie for introducing me to this book. It was an interesting read, even if it wasn’t to my tastes. Overall, I’m giving this 3/5 stars, and a DNF at 65%. Good luck to the author, and may the odds be ever in their favor.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

Book Review: The Ventriloquists

The Ventriloquists

Title: The Ventriloquists
Author: ER Ramzipoor
Series: Standalone
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Park Row
Page Count: 600
Type of Book: Kindle Ebook
Received: Netgalley
Rated: 3/5 stars
Review Word Count:
Notes: DNF’d at 40%. This just wasn’t keeping my attention.

The Ventriloquists started out interesting, but about forty percent of the way through the book my attention wavered and then I just gave up reading it. While I liked the characters, especially Eliza’s eagerness to know the truth of what happened and how things became as they are, the amount of french, politics, and historical things within was over my head and didn’t keep my attention in the slightest. My apologies to the author, but I do believe this book was meant for more serious history buffs than myself. While I adore historical fiction, even I was a bit befuddled by a lot of things that were going on in this book.

In this triumphant debut inspired by true events, a ragtag gang of journalists and resistance fighters risk everything for an elaborate scheme to undermine the Reich.

Brussels, 1943. Twelve-year-old street orphan Helene survives by living as a boy and selling copies of the country’s most popular newspaper, Le Soir, now turned into Nazi propaganda. Helene’s entire world changes when she befriends a rogue journalist, Marc Aubrion, who draws her into a secret network publishing dissident underground newspapers.

Aubrion’s unbridled creativity and linguistic genius attract the attention of August Wolff, a high-ranking Nazi official tasked with swaying public opinion against the Allies. Wolff captures Aubrion and his comrades and gives them an impossible choice: use the newspaper to paint the Allies as monsters, or be killed. Faced with no decision at all, Aubrion has a brilliant idea: they will pretend to do the Nazis’ bidding, but instead they will publish a fake edition of Le Soir that pokes fun at Hitler and Stalin—giving power back to the Belgians by daring to laugh in the face of their oppressors.

The ventriloquists have agreed to die for a joke, and they have only eighteen days to tell it.

Told with dazzling scope, taut prose and devastating emotion, The Ventriloquists illuminates the extraordinary acts of courage by ordinary people forgotten by history—unlikely heroes who went to extreme lengths to orchestrate the most stunning feat of journalism in modern history.
~As Described on Goodreads

Overall, I may try to read this book again in the future but I highly doubt it. My thanks to the publish for allowing me a copy of this book to review, and I do wish that I could have given a better review than ‘it was alright’ or a 3/5 stars. Perhaps I may try the authors other works as well.

Until next time,
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Book Review: Artic Wild


Arctic Wild

Title: Artic Wild
Author: Annabeth Albert
Series: Book 2
Genre: M/M Adult Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Page Count:
Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook
Received: Netgalley
Rated: 3/5 stars
Notes: I was hoping for more outdoorsy survival scenario, not sickeningly sweet romance. Sigh.

This was a book that where it said ‘plane crash’ + ‘m/m developing romance’ = unexpected good times, I was all for ‘yes please’. But the two main male characters, while charming and adorable, were rescued far too quickly and most of the rest of the book was all just smutty smutness.

And while that’s not a bad thing, it wasn’t what I was in the mood for, or hoping for based on the plot that I read on the blurb. I was hoping for two men trapped in the wild for more than just a couple of chapters, and that is most definitely NOT what I received.

Ah well.

Still, it wasn’t a bad read, and I liked all the characters. Every character felt realistic, and the storyline was interesting if rather smutty, I wish it had been more about survival in the wild with just one strange man at your side.

3.5/5 stars for a overall decent job, but nothing super fancy or memorable (at least for me).

Until next time,
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May TBR| Library Loans + ARCs

May is shaping up to be another epic fantasy month, with some pretty hefty books anywhere from 400 pages to 800 pages. There’s the odd historical mystery thrown in too for good measure, along with a romance here and there to give myself a break from the heavy fantasy stories. Here are the books that I hope to read

From the Library|

ARCs I Hope to Get To This Month|

*there’s a LOT more arcs that I still have to read, of course, and the most pressing with the deadline is the King’s Sun book. I have started it, but I haven’t managed past 25pages, and it’s nearly 300pages. Review due on May 3? I’ll have to check to be sure, but these are my most pressing arcs at the moment.

I have several more books that I also want to read, my list growing ever and ever bigger. My Goodreads Want to Read list has breached 4,000 books, and is closer to 4500 again. I need to go and sort it out, and get rid of duplicates, foreign language books, and so on at some point, but I just don’t seem to have much free time lately.

Yet that’s the May TBR pile. Are you guys looking forward to reading any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2019

There are quite a few books on this list that I’ve read for April. April is proving to be a prolific month in regards to reading, and that’s in part because of the OWLs (I’ll leave those stats up as well) that are taking place. I’m not really picking a career-far too many options for me, lol-but I’m reading a book in each category as many times as possible this month. There’s less than three weeks remaining, and I’m sure that I can fit in quite a few more books as needed. Though towards the end of the month, everything that could go wrong did go wrong and so I didn’t get to read as much as I normally did. I hope next month can be twice as better in regards to both reading and real life. Anyways, here are the books that I’ve read thus far:



1.Once and Future by Amy Carpetta| 400 pages, 5/5 stars
2.Arabella and the Traitor of Mars by David Levine| 400 pages, 5/5 stars
3.A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness| 600 pages, 5/5 stars
4.The White by Deborah Larson| 200 pages, 5/5 stars
5.Green Angel by Alice Hoffman| 115 pages, 2/5 stars
6.The Girl From Montana by Grace Livingston Hill| 200 pages, 2/5 stars
7.Stardoc by S. L. Viehl| 400 pages, 5/5 stars
8.Song in the Silence by Elizabeth Kerner| 400 pages, 5/5 stars
9.Murder on the Last Frontier by Cathy Pageu| 300 pages, 5/5 stars
10.Borrowing Death by Cathy Pageu| 250 pages, 4.5/5 stars
11.Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell| 300 pages, 3/5 stars
12.The Vampire’s Club 1 by X. Aratare| 100 pages, 5/5 stars
13.The Vampire’s Club 2 by X. Aratare| 100 pages, 5/5 stars
14.Last Day on Mars: The Dark Star Series by Kevin Emerson| 400 pages, 4.5/5 stars
15.The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan| 800 pages, 5/5 stars (re-read)
16.Artic Wild by Annabeth Albert| Unknown pages, 3/5 stars (review upcoming)
17.A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeline L’Engle| 300 pages, 4/5 stars
18.Bound and Sold by A. C. Sawyer| 100 pages, 3/5 stars
19.So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane| 400 pages, 5/5 stars (re-read)
20.On the Edge of Daylight by Giselle Beaumont| 500 pages, 5/5 stars


My Owls and the Challenges will be listed next on the blog, followed by some reviews that I’ve been meaning to post but with April being a sucky month I haven’t had the chance to really get online for a while now except on my phone, and I hate posting reviews from my phone. And in all honesty, it doesn’t feel like I’ve read 20 books. Granted several were short e-books that I purchased for free, with one exception from the Vampire Club LGBT series that I’ve fallen hard for, and need more of now but have to wait for June until the next release. April is still going to suck, but next month looks like it’ll be worse with a dentist appointment as well thrown in that I’m *not* looking forward to. I wish winter would return, as that’s my favorite season where I can just stay home and ignore the world due to the bad weather. *heavy sigh*

Until next time,
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Hardback Book Review: Song in the Silence

Song in the Silence

Title: Song in the Silence
Author: Elizabeth Kerner
Series: Book 1
Genre: Fantasy, Adult Fiction
Publisher: Tom Doherty
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: Hardback
Received: Library Loan
Review Word Count: 500
Rated: 5/5 stars
Notes: Short review, long book.

Epic fantasy at it’s finest. Fans of Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, and Robert Jordan may enjoy this author’s writing, for the author weaves words and tales as fine as George RR Martin but in a completely different sort of landscape. There are tales within tales in this first book, and the only thing that truly vexed me was the constant character pov change, but aside from that this was a truly marvelous find and one that I didn’t expect to fall in love with so completely.

The ending of the book left things hanging wide open, of course, as there was so much crammed into the beginning that there was obviously going to need more books later. I’m unsure how long this series will be, but it’s one that I’m aiming to keep reading more of as time goes on, and even buying if I find copies of the books themselves.

And while this is a short review, the book itself is long and entertaining. I sincerely hope that y’all check this book out because it’s well worth reading. This has been on my goodreads wishlist forever, and I wish I can remember where I first saw it. A library? A bookstore? A blog? The possibilities of such are endless, much to my chagrin. Ah well. Happy discoveries make for excellent finds.

Overall, I’m giving this book 5/5 glorious stars because of dragons, strong female characters, horses, magic, mystery, and romance. A thoroughly satisfying read!

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

Paperback Book Review: Stardoc


Title: Stardoc
Author: S. L. Viehl
Series: Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction, Adult Fiction
Publisher: Roc Fantasy
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: Paperback
Received: Library Loan
Review Word Count: 500
Rated: 5/5 stars
Notes: Trigger warnings for rape between alien/human species, harsh language, various illnesses, illegal cloning, and light suggested emotional abuse towards a child*

Discovered through Goodreads, not a bad find on the recommendations page. I just wish that I’d known it was the start to a series. I’ve got so many series started already that I wasn’t looking to be invested in another one, but I definitely am now. This one was a strangely delightful read, a feel good scifi romp with plenty of action, though with plenty of heavy hitting topics as well…from finding the love of your life to a dangerous contagion that might wipe out an entire planet’s worth of different species all in one go. The adventure was non-stop, and there was plenty of unusual aliens with their own histories and stories to make one really feel as if they were really a part of the story and not just reading it.

*light suggested emotional abuse towards a child is in reference towards the main character’s father being an absolute ass. He genetically engineered, aka cloned, his daughter and never told her. She found out through an anonymous tip that her entire life has not only been a lie but orchestrated by her father. It’s the primary reason for her packing up her belongings, including a cat named Jenner, and high-tailing it to another world that’s considered on the edge of the frontier with poor medical treatment centers, giving her the perfect excuse to being there, for she’s a highly trained medical doctor.

Nevermind the fact that she’s never operated on alien beings, she’d determined to learn and experience as much as she can while she’s there. It’s an entertaining read as she discovers that it’s a lot more to take in than what she originally realized, and her living area is much smaller than what she’s accustomed to as well. With plenty of aliens around, she also has to learn new languages and cultures, as well as figuring out the lay of the land with its laws and customs.

There’s plenty to discover and like within this book, from the characters point of view, to the aliens, to the in-depth descriptions of how to treat an alien woman giving birth to vicious babies that will eat you as soon as your born. There’s lots of action, adventure, and even romance in this book but there’s hefty topics to deal with too.

Overall, I’m giving this a 5/5 stars for a wonderful read, and definitely look forward to reading more of the series to figure out how she finds freedom and free will against that of her egotistical ass of a father.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

New Release Review: Arabella and the Traitor of Mars

Arabella and the Traitor of Mars

Title: Arabella and the Traitor of Mars
Author: David Levine
Series: Book 3
Genre: Science Fiction, Adult Fiction
Publisher: Tom Doherty/Tor
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: Hardback, New Release
Received: Library Loan
Rated: 5/5 stars
Review Word Count: 500
Notes: Read for the OWLs prompt “Transfiguration-Sprayed Edges or Red Cover” and since I don’t have any sprayed edges on my books, I went with the red cover. I had so many more options there, but finally settled on a favorite series.

This was a delightful read, just as much as the first two books in the series were. While I love Arabella and her adventures, I felt as though this might be the end of the series what with that happy ending that the author had. If that’s so, then that makes me sad for I’m most definitely not ready for the trilogy/series to end!

This third book of Arabella promises a war of sorts to occur between the Prince of England and Mars. There’s spies, aliens, subterfuge, disagreements of epic proportions, true lovers quarrels that are happily resolved by the end of the book, sarcastic wit, and heroism scattered throughout the book. It’s as much as you would expect from a political yet adventurous set of battles both in space and on two different planets.

Lady Corey is also a favorite, as is Fox, Captain Singh, and many others. All played their parts in the story, and many had larger roles than before. Captain Singh had an enormous role to the point that it made the story vastly more interesting, though I disapproved of his first choice towards the question the Prince posed him he did make the right call in the end after all and his love for Arabella triumphed.

I feel that there can be more information on the Martians, for example, explained in book four. And that Arabella could truly begin learning the depths of the Martians and what all they could truly be capable of. While we caught some hints of that in this book, it was more focused on stopping a war between planets than it was on the Martians history and people.

Yet despite the amount of politics riddled within the pages of this fast-paced adventure story set in space, the story itself never dragged, the characters proved as true in this book as they’d been in the first two, and I remain an ever present fan of this series. 5/5 stars for a splendid read, and the sad news that I have finished a trilogy of great fun and realistic characters that lead adventurous lives.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

Top Five Places to Get Arcs: That AREN’T Netgalley or Edelweiss

Tired of scrounging the web for places that actually list interesting looking arcs that aren’t of just one genre that you don’t read? Don’t want to browse through Netgalley for the hundredth time searching for something to read? Then you’ve definitely come to the right post! Now a lot of these books aren’t as good as the bestsellers that would typically be on Netgalley or Edelweiss. So keep that in mind as you browse through these places.

Top 5 Places to Get ARCs:

*simply click the name of the place, and it should take you right to their website*

1. Book Sirens= a great place to request books, and they also have detailed graphics and charts of what kind of reader and how much of a reader you are. They also give you a helpful reading charts/status page on your profile that I find very cool.
2.Hidden Gems=an insane amount of romance novels are on here, but there’s also other genres that are available as well on occasion. This is a more ‘first come first served’ kind of thing tbh, you put in your request, but you don’t always get selected for the book you get, though I’ve had insanely good luck with most of my requests, though they send arcs through email as well.
3.Booksprout=yet another heavily romance genre arc place, but it also contains a good bit of fantasy, science fiction, and ya as well. I rarely frequent this place, but I definitely still check in at least twice a month to see what might be available from favorite authors..
4.Booksends=I literally just found this place, so I’m still testing it out. But it seems as though this is another one that you sign up by email, they send you links to arcs, and you select which ones you want. They provide mobi files for kindle, it appears, which is what I generally use anyway.
5.BookPerks=this isn’t an arc place, but it does send you some rather nice bestsellers and new releases that are generally discounted towards less than five dollars. Therefore, sorry I’m cheating with this one, but I felt it worth mentioning for those who are looking to save some cash.

If y’all could spread this list around, help share these sites so that others might be able to find it, that would be awesome. I get that there’s probably been a lot of these helpful recommendation lists for finding arcs, but almost every last one of them has recommended Netgalley and/or Edelweiss as the main place. This should be far more helpful than mentioning the same two old places that most people may already know about.

As such, I do hope y’all found this to be a helpful list. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments! And if any of the links don’t work, please don’t hesitate in letting me know! I’m slowly getting used to linking, lol.

Until next time,
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New Release Review: Once and Future

Once and Future

Title: Once and Future
Author: Amy Rose Capetta + Cori McCarthy
Series: Book 1
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: Hatchett
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: Hardback, New Release
Received: Library
Rated: 5/5 stars
Review Word Count: 500
Notes: Read for the “Ancient Runes” category of my O.W.L. Exams/Read-a-Thon, for in Ancient Runes you were meant to read a ‘retelling’.

Slow to start, this built up to a cliffhanger that made me scream as I saw at the end of the book a page that read “The Sword in the Stars Coming 2020”. Noooo. I didn’t want to start another series. And did this list it as a series on Goodreads? Nope. Did it list it at the beginning of the book? Nope. Grr. But I’m heavily invested now, because oh the characters!

The storyline is definitely different from the original, and it’s not just because Arthur got turned into a girl for this plot. There was a f/f romance that I didn’t see coming-two of them. There was a back romance plot of an m/m romance that I also didn’t see coming. There were knights in shining armor, even while in space. There were dragons. There were miracles and heartache and flirting and lots of musical references. Everything from Queen to Katy Perry musical references that made me appreciate the book even more.

At points, it felt like this story dragged in the middle, but then it picked up again with a startling speed that I flipped through to the end faster than anticipated and read the book in one sitting, it was that good. I was invested in the characters, their romances, the betrayals, the deaths, the bad guys and if they were going to be defeated or not. There was so much going on, but it wasn’t a hard book to read and the authors took care not to pander or info-dump the readers with a whole lot of back story which I appreciated. There were brief bits where they explained certain things, but it went well with the story. Even if I already knew the story of Arthur and Merlin, it being one of my favorite classics to read retellings of more so than, say Beauty and the Beast.

This was a breathtaking and beautiful retelling, with its own original twists and storyline that felt fresh and new. With plenty of positive LGBT representation, this book was a lovely read and one that I didn’t expect to be in my top ten favorites list for 2019 this early in the year. There have been several others of those already, and this year is shaping up to be a great year with loads of amazing books, with this being one of them.

I’m definitely going to get the second book to the series. Because that cliffhanger was evil and unexpected and just plainly left me wanting more. My hat is off to the authors for a spectacular job well done on a new version of the tale, and I eagerly anticipate the sequel. 5/5 glorious stars.

Until next time,
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Top Ten Tuesday…But On a Wednesday

Welcome all to another late post by yours truly! I have ten arcs that I’m dying to get to inbetween the other library books, random ebooks, and books I own. The arcs are all either coming out soon or won’t be released for months/years. Some aren’t arcs but new releases as well. Here are my top ten most anticipated reads!


The Last Astronaut by David Wellington

Releases: July 23, 2019

I just received this one this morning and look forward to reading it!


Do You Dream of Terra Two by Temi Oh

Releases: March 7, 2019

This sounds like a good one, and the title is what caught my attention. I hope to get this one soon.


The Beholder by Anna Bright

Releases: June 4, 2019

The cover is beautiful, and I wants it!


A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro

Releases: March 5, 2019

One of my favorite Sherlock retellings!


Shadow and Flame by Mindee Arnett

Releases: June 4th, 2019

That cover! The sequel is finally here! Must have it now!!


The Women’s War by Jenna Glass

Releases: March 5, 2019

This has been on my radar for ages.


The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts

Releases: November 26, 2019

It’s fantasy and Nora Roberts. What more do you need to know? Also that cover!


The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James

Releases: March 7, 2019

After having read her book Loneliest Girl in the Universe I’m definitely eager to read this one!


Beware the Night by Jessika Fleck

Releases: March 2019

Another one I want to read just for that gorgeous cover!

And finally last but not least…


Earth to Charlie by Justin Olson

Releases: April 16, 2019

This looks lovely, and it sounds right up my alley. I look forward to grabbing a copy soon!

Those aren’t all my anticipated reads, but a small taste of what I’m looking forward to. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

The Monday Check In

It’s the start of a new month, and I’ve already listed my TBR but I feel as though there are going to be some surprises thrown in as well. I’ve got quite a hefty stack of library books at home, not to mention the three page list of Netgalley Reads that I desperately need to make my way through. I’ve requested only sequels so far, aside from one new release from an author I always automatically buy from no matter the book situation.

I successfully got “Once and Future” by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy.  I’m eager to dive into this book right away, but it’ll have to wait as it’s Monday and there’s plenty of things around the house that I have to get done first. I also need to work on my WIP, and check email…the list goes on.  Goodreads also states that I’m 3 books behind schedule. *Insert heavy sigh here* I’m hoping to play catch up this week in regards to that, because I want to keep up with my Goodreads Challenge. I’m not to fussed though, I’m nearly at 60 books read out of 250 for the year, so yeah.

Submitted a short story piece to Clarkesworld Magazine! I’m still waiting for a response back, and have my fingers crossed. It’s my first time that I submitted to them, but not my first time in submitting at all. I still haven’t gotten a short story or novel published in the traditional fashion, though I’m still trying!

Upcoming Reviews:

Saving the Scot by Jessica Tretheway

New Netgalley Approvals:


I think the one that I’m most excited for out of this batch is The Lady and Her Secret Lover. Because that cover? So lovely! *fans self* Of course, all of these sound awesome, and I can’t wait to dive into them.

I’m also thinking that The Lady and Her Secret Lover will be my LGBT pick of the month book. If people are still interested in my writing about that once a week/month? Please let me know in the comments!

Aside from that, not much is going on. Waiting on responses from publishers, and catching up on reviews is pretty much all that’s been happening, though later this month is the Annual Spring Library Book Fair which I’m greatly looking forward to!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

April TBR: Red + Blue Covers

Welcome to April! Apparently, this month I tried to go for a patriotic theme with all the red, white, and blue covers. Lol.

I may not get to all of these, but these are the ones I’m most interested in reading for the month of April. Some of them I will have to wait, as I specifically requested them from the library and so they have to travel always before they get to me!


I’m very much in the mood for a good fun scifi romp lately, but I also love mysteries and historical fiction. Last month was an okay month of reads, and some of the books in my TBR here are well over 400+pages long, so that’s why there’s just over ten books selected. These are the books that I’m determined to get to, but I’m of course also going to be posting reviews of whatever arcs and things that I read along the way as well.

So that’s my April TBR! What do y’all think? Like it? Think I should add in more books? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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Monthly Update: March 2019

Hello all. I have read a fair number of books this month for March. Originally, this post started out as a March TBR post, but when I hadn’t posted three weeks in, I changed it around. Ah well. The daily struggles of keeping up with a blog when you’re under the weather, working on writing a book, and so much more! Anyhow, I read a lot of really great stuff this month for March! As well as a small handful of which I wound up DNF’ing, which makes me sad. Anyways. Here are my favorites for March!:


Books Read:

1. King’s Dragon by Kate Elliot (Hardback, Loaned) 4/5 stars
2.The Vilkas Servant by Pearl Fox (Ebook, Owned) 4/5 stars
3.Tavarr’s Mate by Sue Lyndon (Ebook, Owned) 3/5 stars
4.Surrender to the Cyborg by Grace Goodwin (Ebook, Owned) 5/5 stars
5.Winterwood by Jacey Bedford (Paperback, Loaned) 4/5 stars
6.Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time by Authors (Anthology, Ebook, Arc) 3/5 stars DNF {review to come}
7.The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parkins by Leanna Renne Hiebar (Paperback, Loaned) 3/5 stars DNF
8.The Sorcerer’s Treason by Sarah Zettel 3/5 stars DNF
9.Skin and Earth by Lights (Comic Book, Loaned) 3.5 stars rounded up to 4/5 stars
10.Conviction by M. D. Neu (Netgalley Arc) 5/5 stars {review to come}
11.Penne Dreadful by Catherine Burns (Netgalley Arc) 5/5 stars {review to come}
12.Grimspace by Ann Aguirre (Library Loan, Paperback) 5/5 stars
13.Death Comes to Dartmoor by Vivian Conroy (Netgalley Arc) 4/5 stars {review to come}
14.The Lieutenant’s Nurse by Sara Ackerman (Netgalley ARC) 3/5 stars
15.Murder at Morrington Hall by Clara McKenna (Netgalley ARC) 5/5 stars
16.Saving the Scot by Jennifer Tretheway (Entangled ARC) 5/5 stars

At this point, I’m at 57 books read out of 250. I didn’t read as many books as I wanted for the month of March, mainly because I fell into a reading slump during the last week or so. I’m hoping that April will be a far better month of reading. I can typically read up to 40 books in a month, provided I’m not super busy with Real Life.

If y’all have any suggestions based on my favorites above, please feel free to mention them in the comments! Likes and follows are much appreciated and loved as well. I appreciate everything y’all do with my blog, whether its reading my posts, sharing, liking, or commenting, it makes me very happy indeed. I hope your spring breaks are filled with lots of time to read, and that’s all for now. April TBR post is up next!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.