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My name is Ria Potter and I am a prolific reader/blogger/reviewer. I attempt to post a review of a book a day. I review anything from fantasy to romance to lgbt fiction. I’m an honest reviewer, indie supporter, and book blog supporter. This page is meant not just to be a bio, but also a contact page and a review policy page for publishers/authors searching for a description of what I’m interested in, if I’m accepting of arcs at the moment, and how to get into contact with me.


This means if you wish to send me arcs, you may. That does not mean that I will automatically accept or review your book, though generally I do if it is interesting to me. There are just too many requests coming in for me to accept each and every one of them, sorry.

FORMATS I ACCEPT: PDF, Mobi files, Hardcover, and Paperback, as well as through Amazon gifted ebooks

Shipping Address for Physical Copies:

3211 South 163rd Road,

Bolivar, MO, USA


Favorite Genres (these requests will go to the top of my consideration pile): Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Romance/Suspense, Cozy Mystery, juvenile and middle grade fiction

Secondary Genres: Romance, Historical, Mystery, Dystopian, and YA

I DO NOT ACCEPT: Self Help, Christian Fiction, Westerns (unless it’s a weird fantasy western: i.e. The Dark Tower by Stephen King can be classified as weird fantasy western), Religious Fiction of any kind, Poetry, Nonfiction, and/or horror

I’d Most Like To Read: I’m a big fan of happy endings or books that feature HEA (happily ever afters), or Happily For Now. Lately I’ve found myself reading romance books that have HEA, but I also enjoyed other genres such as science fiction. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James, Arabella of Mars by David Levine, and City of Lies by Sam Hawke. I love stories that feature LGBT characters in a positive manner, as well as disabled characters, diverse, and ownvoices. Send me your highlanders, your non-sparkly vampires, and your ‘fans of Sarah J. Maas will like this strong female lead book’. The Poppy War by RF Kung was a five star read. I also adore Brandon Sanderson, NK Jeminson, Neil Gaimen, and Robin Hobb.

Tropes I Like: Strong female characters, smart heroines, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, secret billionaire, hiding from abusive partner/hero rescues them, forced proximity, stuck together, survival settings, protective bodyguard, and I prefer cats to dogs in stories, diverse characters, lgbt characters

Tropes I hate: love triangle (unless handled very well, I hate them), the chosen one, siblings a love interest, instalove, cheating,

PLACES I POST REVIEWS: I primarily post reviews here on my blog because they remain firmly attached to my blog and don’t get deleted like Amazon is wont to do. I still post to Amazon, as well as Goodreads, and I promote books on my Facebook page and Instagram. But I do not post reviews anywhere else, because it is too much hassle in keeping up with multiple accounts at once. If you wish for me to post elsewhere that isn’t listed here, you may have spend money in doing so. I have not reached a firm decision in that regard as of yet, however.

Please visit here to contact me or send me an email at I’m also available through my blog of course.

I look forward to seeing your requests!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

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