New Release Review: Devil’s and Thieves

Devils and Thieves

Title: Devils and Thieves
Author: Jennifer Rush
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Page Count: 335
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Release Year: 2017
Type of Book: Hardback, New Release, Library Loan
Rated: 5/5 stars

Romance, magic, biker gangs, missing people, and festivals play out in this epic young adult fantasy novel that had me hooked deep and made it so that I finished the book in less than three hours! It was a fun, energetic, intense, dark, passionate book that kept me flipping through the pages until the very end, where I sighed with happiness at another five star read for the year, and one book that is going to be lableled amongst the top ten reads for 2018, I’m fairly sure. There seem to be a lot of great books out this year, which is awesome, and this one just became another one of the ‘greats’.

I could smell the magic even now, so potent that it collected like a film on the back of my throat.
It made me want to breathe deep.
It made me want to run.

The main character is a girl who has magic, but supposedly can’t use it; every time she tries, she gets ill to the point of fainting and/or vomiting. She’s scared of it, and hiding it from all those she loves. Despite the fact that the biker gangs all have various types of magic, of course, so that seems kinda dumb to me, but she didn’t want to cause more worries for her mother, or her dad who had walked out on the family way back in the day when she was about six years old.

The girl is 18 year old Jemmie Carmichael, and she’s got enough drama in this book to turn it into a soap opera. She’s in love with a guy named Crowe, has a huge crush on him, and he happens to be the president of the magical biker gang the Devil’s League. He’s dangerous, not just in the sense that he could physically tear her apart, but he could also kill you with his magic.

Then there’s several other biker gangs as well, that they all have tense relationships with one another. They’re trying for peace, but there’s so much water under the bridge that it’s almost impossible. It doesn’t help when people start going missing either, including two people within the Devil’s League gang and Jemmie’s best friend, Alex-who happens to be Crowe’s sister.

The drama and romance escalate up and down, and Jemmie tries to find her balance amongst the gang, while trying to find Alex. She wants to be normal, and make all the right choices. She also wants to find her friend safe, and have a good relationship with her father.

I really loved the book, and I really hope that there’s a sequel because while it wrapped up the mystery of everything nicely, there was still what felt like openings for a book two.

In the meantime, I have several other arcs to read and am excited to get to them as well, while I put this one on my “To Buy” list ASAP, because it’s just that awesome, well written, and full of dark, intense, atmospheric, powerful, dangerous, wild magic.

5/5 stars and this author is now on my immediate favorites list as well!

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

{Bold and quoted text from back of book; review also posted on my Goodreads Page}

New Release Review: Black Bird of the Gallows

Blackbird of the Gallows

Title: Black Bird at the Gallows
Author: Meg Kassal
Series: Book 1
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Page Count: 310
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Type of Book: Hardback, Library Loan, Physical
Rated: 5/5 stars

This is going to be yet another favorite book for my 2018 year in review. It’s got gorgeous prose, the writing is elegant and the characters are so real you feel as if you’re there. Thank god your not, however, because the end of the book is kind of grim. I will warn readers who are interested in this book: it’s got a school shooting within towards the back half of the novel. I know there’s been a lot of school shootings lately, and it’s a triggersome topic, so fair thee warned. The main characters are locked safely in a classroom, and nobody onscreen dies, but I still feel as though readers should have fair warning.

Angie is the main female character of the book, and the story takes place when her new neighbors move in across from her house into the house where a dad had violently murdered his wife and kids. Angie took in the dog of that house, so that it wouldn’t go straight to the pound, and she and her dad have both enjoyed the dog’s company. The neighbors are kind, considerate, and very hot-at least one boy is, in Angie’s eyes. Angie doesn’t want a new hot boy to distract her from her already pressing problems of exams, her band where she DJ’s as the elusive Sparo, and so on.

The boy is not as he appears to be, and he’s got some strange acquaintances that make her neck stand on end. Aside from the hot boy moving in, there’s also been a strange surge in more bees coming out of hibernation, tons of rain, and an outbreak in people not behaving like they normally do.

I’m guessing based on those clues, you can predict where this story is going to go-and you’d be right if you guessed ‘end of the world scenario, Angie winds up with attractive hot boy, and her band becomes popular’. But the book is still worth reading. The author has a way of making the story really come alive, and the characters are all so intense. You sympathize with Angie quite a bit, especially in regards to Kiera Shaw, and there’s loads of action and danger towards the end of the book.

I’m unsure if there’s going to be a sequel. Everything wrapped up quite nicely, and Angie was still alive with her friends…but there might could very well be a sequel about the end results of how Angie fixed things. (Yes, still no spoilers, sorry.)

I really enjoyed reading this book throughout the day, it was a nice escape for a while. I am now going to add it to my list of books to own, because it’s definitely worthy to be sitting on my shelves. I give this book 5/5 stars for a splendid few hours away from reality.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book.


New Release Review: Ash Princess

Ash Princess1

Title: Ash Princess
Author: Laura Sebastian
Series: Book 1
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Page Count: 435
Publisher: Delacourt Press, Penguin Random House
Type of Book: Library loan, Hardback, New Release, Highly Anticipated Read
Rated: 5/5 stars

It’s not often that I have books that truly live up to my expectations, but Ash Princess was an epic four and a half hour story that drew me in and didn’t release me for air until the very end. I felt rage for the Ash Princess, loneliness, and yes, I even cried once towards the end-which rarely happens in books. I can count on both hands how many books have made me cry, and this book has now been added to that list. Be fair warned, this has a fair bit of graphic violence, whipping, slavery, and detailed death scenes mentioned throughout this book. It is not for the faint of heart.

Ash Princess was an anticipated read way back when I first created my Anticipated Reads page. I saw it on Amazon, when it was saying that you could pre-order the book. Low and behold, it arrived at my library unexpectedly last week, so I snatched it up planning to read it for the Memorial Day holiday that I had going on at my families house.

It was an excellent choice.

Ash Princess is filled with rebellion, slaughter, broken promises. It’s filled with princesses, kings who deserve to die horrific deaths for all they’ve done, a kingdom in ruins. It’s got all the good things that a fantasy fan, especially those who love graphic violence, would love in an epic fantasy. It’s got maps at the front of the book; there is definitely some epic world-building within as well.

Now on to the book.

“The last person who called me by my true name was my mother, with her dying breath.”

It’s the first line of the book, and it drew me in utterly and completely. I watched as Theodosia watched her mother be murdered before her eyes, her kingdom fall, and herself become prisoner to the Kraiser, a cruel man that rules his kingdom through fear and fear alone.

Fast forward a few years later, when she’s closer to being an adult, and she’s starting a rebellion, plotting her escape, and planning on freeing her people from the tyrannical monster that constantly hurts and abuses her and those she cares for.

The ending was one that I didn’t see coming. Theodosia is renamed “Thora” by the Kraiser, and his people call her by that name, as well as crowning her ‘Ash Princess’, but it’s a fake name with a fake individual. She hides herself away, and slowly…ever so slowly…the people come to her from out of the shadows, and help her back to her throne, so that she may free her people from the mines where citizens go mad from the gems and their powers.

It’s a plot that’s well constructed, characters that are so lifelike you feel as if you’re standing there with them. I loved every moment of this book, and definitely plan on buying it ASAP, because it’s worth getting it so that I can have it to read it again in the future. The twist at the end with what happened to Cress was also awesome. And for those of you doing the Scallywagathon, this also has sirens mentioned within. Granted, they’re a very tiny part of the story, but there you are. It does have pirates, however, though they come in more towards the end of the book than the start of it.

This book was awesome, and I applaud the author for a fabulous job well done!

I look forward to book two “Lady Smoke” which comes out in the Spring of 2019. I cannot wait until it does, and will of course be checking with Netgalley, Edelweiss, and Penguin Random House for an ARC of it, if I’m lucky enough to get my hands on such a copy.

In the meantime, you need to read this book and read it now. It’s definitely worth it! After all, if I give 5/5 stars, it can’t be all that bad, can it? Especially when the back of the book has four words that I know will perk your interest: Princess. Prisoner. Orphan. Rebel

In a land without a Queen, it’s time for a Princess to Rise.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

My May Reads for 2018

This month has flown by, whereas last month felt like it had gone so incredibly slow. This marks the start of ‘three more months until my birthday’ countdown, as well! I hope this year that I can actually be getting more books for my birthday, as usually birthday presents are a bit of a bust for me.

I’ve finished quite a few books last month, several new releases, arcs, and a few library finds fit into the pile. I’m very pleased with how much I’ve read, though I could have read more if I wasn’t working on writing my own book that I hope to have finished here soon. Anyway, here’s the books read:

Some of these I’ve yet to post reviews for, but that’s because I’m still working on my blog (book reviews still pending: To Kill a Kingdom, The Tory, etc.) I just got an email from a couple of publishers who are happy with how my blog looks, and are willing to send me more arcs to read, so that will keep me busy in the coming month as well! June is looking to be another excellent month in reading, and I look forward to it!

Now then, tell me which books you’ve read out of this post, which ones you think I should read next, and which ones I need to review asap! I look forward to hearing your responses!

Until the next time,
-Pass Me That Book

Paperback Arc: The Legend of Zelkova

The Legend of Zelkova

Title: The Legend of Zelkova
Author: S. A. Valden
Series: Book 1
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Adult Fiction
Page Count:
Type of Book: Paperback, Arc
Rated: 4/5 stars

The Legend of Zelkova is about a young woman named Zelkova, a badass female who loves Carya, and is sent on a mission with a few others to rescue/retrieve the missing prince of her kingdom. The King puts her in charge of the group, of which one of the members, a man named Malus, doesn’t like so he challenges her to the position, as he has never been bested by a fight, and doesn’t believe that women should be in charge. Zelkova wins, and Malus continues being an ass throughout the book, though slowly changes.

Zelkova is powerful, magical, strong, smart, and beautiful. She leads the four to retrieve the missing/kidnapped prince, and along the way the other four gain gifts/magical abilities as well. Malus winds up gaining the fire element, the others get various abilities/elements as well. Soon, the group is a powerful force to be reckoned with, but not without consequences.

This book was a wild ride that I really enjoyed, especially with the light hearted LGBT feels between Zelkova and Carya. I liked that the book was a fun, adventuresome read. There were intense battle sequences, deep meaningful conversations between the characters, and an overall fun feel to the story as I read along.

My one complaint was that the elements who kept giving these gifts were always mysterious and vague about the group needing their powers. Why is it that those types of powerful beings can never inform the individual of what they are getting themselves into? Sure, they get special unique powers to help save innocent people, but a little information wouldn’t be such a bad thing now and again. Not mysterious riddles, or vague sentences that leave the person (Zelkova mainly) more confused than before. Everything does get explained, but that’s just one of my issues with the book.

That, and Malus being an ass in the beginning of the story. One does warm up to him eventually though, at the end of the book, he is nowhere near close to being my favorite character. (That would be Zelkova, of course.)

I did enjoy this book enough to possibly look for book 2, whenever it comes out. It’s a fun book that I’m sure fantasy lovers will love, and while it was a bit of a long read, it was an entertaining one as well.

Overall, I rate this book a 4/5 stars.

Until Next Time,
-Pass Me That Book.

Click here for a sneak peek at book 2!:

{Review will also be posted on my Goodreads and Amazon}

Kindle ARC Review: The Afterwards



Title: The Afterwards
Author: N. Heinz
Series: Book 1
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult, Fantasy
Page Count:
Publisher: Kingston Publishing Company
Type of Book: Arc, Amazon Kindle temporary freebie
Rated: 5/5 stars

A mysterious beginning with a girl named Ruby who can see ghosts and works in a bookstore was sure to be an interesting read for a couple of hours. And I was right, this book was fascinating and very intense all the way through to the end. My only complaint was how short the book is, just ten chapters!

Ruby Wynn is a twenty year old virgin who can’t drive, works in a bookstore, is a loner, and loves her mom. After waking up one day with the entire world vanished, except for a mysterious man she met at the bookstore just the day before that introduced himself as Markus, she finds out that she’s a draem’ar, and that she is one of a few who was listed in a prophecy given by her late Aunt Agatha.

Cue the evil beings stepping in to try to kill both her and Markus. The two put up a valiant fight, remaining behind a barrier inside a strange home that reminds Ruby so much of her own home, except for certain magical differences, like how the food is prepared.

The battle between the Etherean and the two last humans escalates quickly, bringing the ridiculously short book to a cliffhanger that makes the reader instantly want to go out and buy the next book.

The writing is intense, the characters are very realistic, and the bad guys are fascinating if a bit predictable in the ‘hate humans, must kill’ approach. I really enjoyed this book, and encourage anyone who hasn’t read it to go and do so. It’s well worth it, and a fast read too so it will be easy enough to knock off that TBR pile that’s stacked miles high.

Thanks to Kingston Publishing for the arc, and this review is my own honest opinion. I hope book two is released ASAP, because this was a great read by an amazingly talented author.

Until Next Time,
-Pass Me That Book

Kindle Arc Review: Blood and Wolf

Blood and Wolf

Title: Blood and Wolf
Author: Eva Truesdale and S. M. Gaither
Series: Book 1
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Page Count: 215
Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Format
Rated: 5/5 stars

This book was a dark adventure, right up until the very cliff-hanger end. Elle was an excellent, relatable character that one could immediately like and sympathize with. Full of almost uncontrollable, uncontainable power, she struggles every day to make sure she doesn’t break the world.

And once every few years, a council comes together to test her skills, and make sure she’s not weak like they think in her ability to keep things contained. Desperate to either kill her or get rid of the power that breaks the wall between the worlds once and for all, the Sorcerers take her and lock her up.

She’s “rescued” after bargaining with one sorcerer boy who wants her help in making things truly stable, truly peaceful in the supernatural community by stopping her ability once and for all by going after three mysterious keys. With the help of her two best friends, the four of them search for the keys and deal with many various different kinds of supernatural creatures in the world.

Elle slowly falls for the boy who rescued her, Soren, and I instinctively know that the boy is bad news. She seems to be stupidly liking him far too much, and what’s worse is I am too-he is cheeky, snarky, and apparently attractive enough for Elle to sit up and take notice. The two of them become closer.

Which ends in utter disaster.

Unable to tell you more without spoiling the entirety of the story itself, I can only say that this is an adventure filled fantasy that needs to be read. It’s fun, it’s fast paced, it’s full of interesting unique characters, and there is plenty of magic and power around to stop a small army.

Overall, this is a 5/5 stars, and I cannot wait until book 2 comes out! Book 2 apparently arrives April 20th, 2018 if your so inclined to check the authors out and see about preordering their book should it become available. Links available below this review, and if they don’t work please let me know! I’ve only just started linking books/authors to amazon, after all.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book.


Book Review (2017): Archetype by MD Waters


Hello all,

Welcome to another book review! This one is for Archetype, Book One of Two. Duology books are rare for me. It’s either a series, trilogy, or standalone. But this one was worth reading and now I need book two!

The cover is fairly accurate for the story. Emma wakes up, confused, lost, and uncertain as to what’s going on. She slowly recovers from an “accident” and has amnesia. I generally am not a fan of amnesia stories, but the author does a fantastic job with it here. This story has made me an instant fan of hers, especially the way she surprisingly weaved cool astronomy tales into it!

Emma’s mind is a jumble, but I like her inner self, who guides her in who to trust, what to say, and where to go. The sarcasm is flawless, and I give her five stars for the unexpectedly awesome humor throughout.

The plot wasn’t what had grabbed me, but the fact that it’s described as a “breathtakingly futuristic suspense”. Though the romance wasn’t overly heavy in the details, and those scenes were mostly past the halfway point.

Fans of joggers and running would like this book!

If I am missing anything else, it’s because I don’t want to spoil a truly unique reading experience. The author is a fabulous writer, and I highly recommend reading/buying the book asap.

Five stars!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Book Review (2017): The Cemetery Boys by Heather Brewer


Hello all,

This book was just as good as I hoped, and I thought that I knew how it was going to end but the author shocked me by doing something completely different.

Stephen moves to a small town called Spencer, which is a dried up nowhere town filled with nothing to do. The town’s myth of The Winged Ones fills his time, and he falls for a girl named Cars, who has a brother named Devon who becomes his friend.

What follows is a likable cast of characters, a hauntingly beautiful tale of friendship and a town with more secrets than one might expect.

Five stars!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book