My Bookshelf Tour: A Sneak Peak At My 2022 TBR

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I’d do a bookshelf tour of all the books that I have on my never ending tbr pile. I’m not the best photographer but I do hope that this is still an enjoyable post! I love seeing others shelves so feel free to share yours in the comments!

Up first, my tbr shelf. As I sadly don’t own an actual tbr cart (yet!) I’m doing a tbr shelf instead. Jade City is a buddy read and the rest are my priorities for the year. I’m hoping to get to all of them eventually. I just started Glory Season by David Brin too, and I hope to start City of Brass soon as well.

The other half of my immediate tbr shelf! I have read Red Rising but never finished the series and remember nothing of book one so I’m due for a reread. I also adore Sebastian de Castell and really want to finish that series this year.

My second shelf of priorities is a mixed bag of tricks! I’ve got fantasy and thrillers, scifi and ya. I really need to catch up with Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, and there’s lots of others I want to read too!

The other half of the above shelf. Need I say more? Actually that Ken Follet book is book three. Books one and two I don’t own yet. The other Sharon Shinn books of that series are in my room… somewhere.

All my big books I’m intimidated by! 😳

The other half of my scary shelf. Jade City is currently being read (finally!).

My assorted, disorganized new books. Mostly historical fiction, mysteries and thrillers.

There you guys go! That’s my current tbr piles. Not my whole library then this post will be much longer! Hopefully you spot something to add to your own tbrs! Let me know what you think about this post in the comments! Good bad needs work? Lol.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Discussion: 2022 Bookish Plans and Goals

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! I hope this post brings good cheer for all of you, and I also hope you have all met your bookish goals and plans for the year. Myself? I managed to happily complete my Goodreads goal and my kindle goal. 100 books on my kindle and 250 books on my Goodreads challenge.

Image from Pinterest.

My Goals For 2022:

Read more arcs + post reviews.

I very much want to get my Netgalley account down. At the moment this is what I have:

Technically over five hundred books! A lot of these are backlisted. I’m seriously hoping to get down to 200. Which means a crapton of reading.

Manage my Goodreads account and organize it better.

My shelves are a bit of a mess. I’ve tried organizing more this year but I’m struggling to keep it up. I hope to fix it more later in 2022.

Make consistent blog posts + grow content.

I’ve hit 600 followers this year! My goal is to seriously increase that to 1k, and I would love to grow my blog more too with author interviews, blog tours, and a serious increase in book reviews. I did better this year but I really need to work more on all that I just mentioned. Suggestions and ideas are appreciated!

Gain more traction on my blog

This is a minor goal. While it would be great having more followers and seeing my view count soar, I have no idea if that’s going to actually happen. I’m happy at having over 500 followers but still struggling to make a dent in gaining serious attention. I hope that changes next year!

Read more novellas, Tor short fiction, and short stories

I did better with reading novellas, short stories and Tor short fiction this year but I really want to step up my game and read easily triple the amount of what I did this year. There’s a lot of great short stories out there and I feel like I’m missing them! I need to fix that!

Catch up with other bloggers and their posts

One thing I’d love to do is read more of other blogs. I generally am terrible about that but this year I’d like to make more of an effort besides sticking with my top ten favorites, sometimes just my top five! I hope to improve that next year.

Make my book reviews more in-depth

I want to have my book reviews read more than just “this was fast paced” or “strong characters”. I’m hoping to not only write detailed longer reviews that actually tell what the book is about but I also want to add more backlinks, Twitter handles, and make my book reviews read far more smoothly than they do now. I have improved but I’m still not quite there yet.

Have fun!

I miss blogging for fun. I’d like to do that again and not stress over it.

That’s pretty much all I had for my goals of next year, I think. I’ll probably add more because I’m ambitious but also lazy lol. Terrible combination I know. What goals do you have? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

My Year of Reading: I Read 250 books This Year

Hello Everyone,

This year was rough. On all of us. Next year will probably suck even more. But at least there’s books. I’m hoping to double my reading to 500 books next year. Yeah. Unlikely but I’m going to try hard. I really am tired of making tbrs and not following through. Next year? I’m ignoring my slumps and reading everything I can get my hands on. Here’s a look at my Goodreads for this year though. I still have 8 books left but I’m calling it done. I have a week still. And Tor short stories count.

I seriously need to do better next year. I’m sad about the results despite that I read 250 books it’s still not a lot to me.

At least the first book this year is a five star read! I’m hoping that the trend continues next year. I have serious plans for my reading goals next year that I’ll share in another post. I hope all of you enjoyed this brief check in! Hopefully your goals were successful too.

Stay safe and happy holidays everyone,

-Pass Me That Book

Top Books I Forgot To Read: The 2021 Edition

Hello Everyone,

I’m always forgetting about new releases, super hyped books, and just not completing my TBR’s that I’ve made. This past year I’ve dnf’d more books, I have changed my mind on several, I’ve put aside a book never to pick it up again because I forgot about it… the list of reasons is endless. And my stress has made it harder to focus on reading this year thanks to a multitude of reasons I’m sure we can all relate. But I decided a fun thing to do for the last month of the year was combine the top “forgotten” books and try to get to them before the years end. It’s unlikely that I will but regardless…lists are fun and an excellent means of procrastination in actually reading.

Okay, to be fair I waited on reading Jade City until the trilogy was complete but the rest I just completely forgot about. Red Knight by Miles Cameron is also a thick book as is most of these that I chose. I think that the one I’m most intrigued by is Last Song Before Night. Such a lovely cover but I can say the same thing about most all these books. And a few of these do seem winter themed so perfect timing. Which one should I make a priority I wonder? 🤔

I hope to get to these before the end of the year but my tbr is already quite large so I’m not holding my breath. I wish everyone else happy reading and good luck with their own tbr goals.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

An Obvious Way to Read More Books: A Discussion

Hello Everyone,

It seems lately that a lot of my close relatives and friends can’t find the time to read. They don’t want to either, but at the same time they do. It’s a weird reading slump and I have felt a huge reading slump this past year making me take an almost year long blogging hiatus.

How did I fix it?

Simple answer-I didn’t. I still feel that slump wanting to push it’s way back into my life. I adore reading but the past year it was hard. I went from reading to instead focusing on art and gaming. And it’s been a struggle coming back to reading.

I managed to get my act together a few months back and now I’m reading anything from one to two books a day. How?


I have no social life…lol, no I’m serious. I have few friends as I’m primarily an introvert. I like being alone with my books and my pets. I like tea more than coffee and I like not being on social media countless hours of the day because god is that stressful.

My main reasons and explanations as to how I read so much probably might help you…if you’re willing to meet this halfway:

°No more games. At least not countless hours of games. Schedule your gaming time responsibly. It will help, I promise.

°No more YouTube. Again, get off social media. Unless it’s research or homework or tied in with growing your blog? Bye-bye Twitter and YouTube and Discord.

°Make a Reading Schedule trust me! This will definitely help you read more! Make sure you put in at least two hours minimum for your reading time and you can easily knock out those tbrs.

°Focus on the good books. Dnf as you need to. Believe me, it took me a bit to actually get in the habit of dnf’ing books I truly wasn’t liking or enjoying. If you have to read it for school, that’s one thing. But don’t continue a book that you really aren’t enjoying and dnf it. It’s okay. Really.

°Pick small books. If you want to read more books consider picking small books that have been on your tbr for agessssss. Small books can easily increase the amount of books you’ve read for the month. And also? Novellas count! So do graphic novels and comics! Just read something!

°Have fun. Don’t stress about your tbr. Seriously. This is all about reading for fun. Enjoy what you’re doing and take reviews seriously in making sure they are spell checked and all but you gotta have fun doing this too. Don’t be so stressed out about blogging and statistics in being famous. Remember about reading just for pure pleasure? Do that again.

°Make your family leave you alone for a couple hours. Ask politely for your family/friends to get back to you later. You need downtime and you need to handle up on your own comfy cozy setting for a while. Rest. Relax. You deserve it.

°Make sure all chores are done. Get things in the house handled and phone calls done before diving into a book. It’ll help in the long run-trust me.

°Pick a room and shoo everyone away. Distraction doesn’t help in terms of reading. I know, believe me.

°Make sure you have a drink/snack. Even if it’s a small book, or something else entirely snacks and a drink are a necessity so that you don’t have to get up for that later. I generally have a glass of tea with me and some chocolate!

I do hope all of that helps in your getting more books read. I know it seems like a lot of sacrifice but the payout is worth it, in reading more and therefore learning more too. If you have suggestions for more tips in reading more, please let me know in the comments! Or if you have questions, I’m open for chatting on Twitter @Lovesteandbook.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Books I Forgot I Had: Stashed On My Kindle, Library App

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would do something new and list a few books that I forgot that I had in my kindle, let alone in my library overdrive app. There’s a hefty list of books on my tbr, but this list will be small. Maybe about ten, fifteen books that I will share that I forgot I had. Shall we?

I keep forgetting about this book, though to be fair I tried reading it twice and both times put it aside. I may try again soon but right now I’m just not in a sci-fi mood.

Again, not in a sci-fi mood but I really love Lavie Tidhar’s writing. I hope to be reading this and her other books next year!

This book has such a beautiful cover and is much loved by the community I know, but I’m just not ready for a box of tissues yet.

I know, I know, I know. Y’all are probably screaming at me that I still haven’t read this. I own a copy I just haven’t picked it up yet as I’ve been burned by YA a fair bit lately and am not in the mood for it.

I have put this on my tbr so many times this year but just haven’t picked it up and I keep forgetting to read it. 😒

I’ve had this for ages in my kindle but I just keep forgetting that I have it! One day I swear I’ll read this!

I’m also not in the mood for historical fiction as this book is quite long too. I own a physical copy now though so maybe soon I can read it.

I have a confession to make. I’ve never read the Night Circus. *Ducks for cover and hides*

I’ve heard so much praise for this author and still I haven’t read her books. 😔


I’ve decided to leave it here because I could just go on and on in how many books I haven’t read or forgotten about. Should I make any of these a priority? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Discussion (Part Two): Series/Authors Backlist Titles To Focus On for 2022 (A Hefty List Continued!)

Hello Everyone,

As I’m writing this, the year is wrapping rapidly to a close and I’m still reading quite a bit. I plan to get a lot more serious in reading and reviewing next year as this past year I had a bit of a hiatus. Now it’s time to focus on my blog once again, and that means making priorities of book series to complete/finish for the next year. Here’s more authors and series I’m determined to get to!

Obviously I have quite a bit of books. 55 exactly on this list. I don’t have all of them listed that are on my wishlist that would take up far, far too much space. I’m not going to type up the list but if you want titles feel free to ask and I shall send you the titles in the comments. What’s on your tbr for next year? Anything good?

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Discussion (PART ONE): Series/Authors Backlist Books That I Plan To Read For 2022 (A Hefty List)

Hello Everyone,

As of this moment I have over 6,000 books on my want to read shelf. I have almost read 2500(!) books. I’m still in awe at the sheer amount of unread books versus read books. I’ve been reading all my life but it seems as though I’ll never catch up. Also my unread owned books isn’t accurate, but I hope to fix that after Christmas when I get new books to add to my ever growing tbr. But onto the backlist titles!

Agatha Christie

It’s my great displeasure that I have read practically zero of Agatha Christie for 2021. I thought I had read more than two of her books, but regretfully not. I hope to read her books, and introduce a series on my blog called Reading Agatha. (Title in progress.) I hope to read a lot of Agatha Christie books next year and work my way through her backlist titles!

David Eddings

Now I have read a lot of Eddings but I’ve never finished out his books. I read all five of the first Belgariad books, though not any of his others. I hope to correct that next year with lots of rereads and new reads by this author whose one of my favorite fantasy authors.

Kristin Britain

I read Green Rider really enjoyed it but hadn’t picked up the rest of the series at all. Mostly because my library doesn’t seem to have them, but my plan is to reread book one, buy the others, and continue on with the series. This way I hope to be done by spring or late summer if all goes well.

Tad Williams

Another author I adore but never seem to catch up with is Tad Williams. I love his writing and his characters. Each world he created feels unique. I have read maybe six of his books out of order. 22 I hope to read them fully in order and catch up to all his works. But considering his books are as large or bigger than Brandon Sanderson books, that may be quite a challenge!

Brandon Sanderson

Is anyone surprised to see Sanderson on the list? No. Okay, enough said, moving on…

JRR Tolkien & Christopher Tolkien

I recently learned there were alternate versions of the Lord of the Rings and I also haven’t read any of the rest of the books. I hope to do a reread of the series, followed by the rest of the novels. I just have to get copies of them, either through my library or buying them.

Michelle West

I started this series and I very much want to continue reading it. I’m sure I can get far if the library can help me with gaining a copy of the books.

Kate Elliott

Another author that I’ve barely read is Kate Elliott. She’s one of my recent favorites from last year but I haven’t picked up the rest of her books. I hope to next year and plow through series after series and finish another authors backlist titles.

Janny Wurts

Janny Wurts is a name I heard a lot of but have read nothing of her books. Least not that I recall anyway. I don’t own any but I’ve been curious for a few years now about why she’s so awesome according to fans. I hope to read her series next year, but I’m not holding my breath.

Guy Gavrial Kay

Another author that I’ve read one book years ago but really wanted to read his new stuff that’s come out recently is Guy Gavrial Kay. His covers are so fascinating and the storylines are long and good. Tigana is the first I read but certainly not the last!


I can list books and authors all day but I need to remember to keep this semi short. So this is Part One. I’ll maybe do three parts, or five depending on how things turn out. I’m trying to keep this list semi organized, but I hope it’s helpful to all of you as well. Happy reading and I hope your lists for next year aren’t equally as daunting.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Cozy Mysteries: Top Five Female Sleuths

Hello Everyone,

I have always been an admirer of crime fiction. Ever since my teens when I first stumbled upon Sherlock Holmes, I was in love with crime solving. But I wanted a female detective. I wanted to see women taking on the case. Sure I knew about Nancy Drew, but I had yet to discover the pleasures of Miss Marple by Agatha Christie, let alone all the others. Here’s a collection of my top female detectives in crime!:

First is the delightful Miss Marple:

I searched around on Google and found that the first Miss Marple books were actually short stories published back in 1927… quite a long time ago, or so it feels to me. I have barely begun to read these delightful tales of murder and mayhem but I am forever going out of my way to collect all things Agatha Christie. I so far have a tiny collection of six books but I’m happy to keep it growing next year. Miss Marple is set in the 1950’s and Interestingly her age is never mentioned in the series according to google, and I hope to eventually confirm that.

Second Favorite Woman Detective:

Miss Peabody is another detective that I became absolutely enthralled with. I first read Crocodiles on the Sandbank a few years ago and am waiting for a binge read of the rest of the series, after-of course-rereading the first book. The first book came out in 1975, and was the start of a long historical mystery series. The Author, Elizabeth Peters, is a pseudonym of Barbara Louise Mertz, and she also has another author name of Barbara Michaels. I have many Barbara Michaels books, though sadly only a few of the Elizabeth Peters. I’m hopeful to eventually collect all of them. The Amelia Peabody character is a Victorian lady who is quite smart, brave, and warm hearted as well as open minded. The first book was quite a fast read and I will eventually make my way through the rest of the series soon as I get my hands on them.

My Third Favorite Detective:

I discovered Maisie Dobbs about past the time I discovered Miss Marple. I enjoy both women solving crimes. Ms. Dobbs is set in between the years 1910 and 1929, and is quite entertaining. I love the writing and the characters grow on you from the start. As I’ve only read the first book (same with every series it seems) I can’t say much except there’s expected to be another new one of this series this coming year by March 22, 2022 called A Sunlit Weapon. I desperately need to catch up on the series but it seems as though I have far to much to read!

My Forth Favorite Sleuth:

Told in diary format, these delightful novels are fun, fast, and I am actually almost caught up on the series! The main character is a woman named George, who is 34 in line to the throne of England. Set during the year 1932, London. There’s all sorts of humor in these books and they never fail to entertain. I hope to own the whole set on day, but I will be content enough that a new book, book number fifteen (I’m on book twelve) is already out and titled God Rest Ye, Royal Gentleman and I cannot wait to be all caught up!

And finally…

M.C. Beaton is another author I’ve found and adore in reading her Agatha Raisin mysteries. They’re fun, witty, and quite clever at times. I love her writing and there are currently 31 books in the series. I believe I’ve only read a maybe six of them so far but I like these as well as her Hamish character who has his own series. I still hope to collect these books along with all the others.


Well there you have it. Those are my top five favorite women detectives. I’d love if you have suggestions of your own favorites, or if you shared any here that you loved a lot. If you want more exposure on a series I’d be happy to make another post about it. There’s probably going to be a lot of cozy mysteries along with thrillers and the like shared on my blog. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

Discussion: Growing Your Blog

Hey everybody,

I’ve been attempting to fix all my old blog posts so you might have noticed some changes. At some point I’m going to have to sit and figure out a way to make my website easy to read for both my laptop and my phone. I use it on my phone more and am realizing it’s not what it could be in terms of easy access. Hopefully I can get all this fixed soon. But I am discussing today blog growth!

I’ve been blogging for SIX YEARS now and have 300 followers.

In the grand scheme of things that’s not a lot, and while I’m happy at all the new faces, I seriously need to step it up a notch. These are the tactics that I learned to help me get those followers:

Follow for follow, comment for comment, have a beautiful Instagram, have a prolific Pinterest account, write up guest posts on other blogs/bring in a guest to your blog, hold a contest, publish great content, be more social & write ten posts a day.

Now I don’t know about y’all, but all that work seems ridiculous. There MUST be an easier way to generate more traffic, more followers, and grow your blog as high as you possibly can. I’m overall lazy. I know that’s not a good quality, but again. There must be an easier way. I’m also not the most social of creatures and I fight just to keep up with commenters on my blog. All this work just to make a name for yourself? Ridiculous.

And there’s others out there who cheat and pay for their blogs to gain all the followers. I don’t know about y’all but I have zero funds. Covid, medical health care, and bills take up more than all my money. Not to mention education and what remains I use to buy books and a subscription for KU (Kindle Unlimited).

If you are looking for me to tell you an easier way-I’m going to be honest and say I have no idea what easier way there is. You are going to fight to make your blog stand out. It’s going to be hard. Your going to whine and complain and feel like you don’t want this anymore because it’s too hard. Or you can also easily get burnout like I did.

I have advice though!

Don’t give up. I spent a year away from my blog and yet IT STILL GREW. I know it’s hard, believe me we’ve all been there. But eventually you’ll bypass the hundred followers mark. Soon you will get to the thousands. You just need to be patient and stick with it.

Research, ask around, make friends, watch countless how to videos, learn

I spent a lot of time scratching at Google for tips, ideas, tricks. I talked to other book bloggers that had way more experience than me. I wrote reviews that were both good and bad and I learned more than I thought I ever would.

The community makes it worth it.

The people here are amazing and supportive and the best! You’ll make new friends and find people read as much as you if not more so. Growth may happen but don’t be upset if it takes a while. Even if it takes a year or years, you need to be patient and stick with it. Keep growing content. Keep being strong.

You’ll get there.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book