Netgalley Review: The First Sister

Book Title: The First Sister

Author: Linden Lewis

Series: Trilogy

Genre: Sci-fi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Page Count: 400

Notes/TW: graphic violence, murder, implied torture, threats of sexual violence, implied sexual assault, implied rape, child prostitution, loss of bodily autonomy, non consensual surgery, human experimentation, gender dysphoria, misgendering, PTSD, racism, (?)

Goodreads Summary:

First Sister has no name and no voice. As a priestess of the Sisterhood, she travels the stars alongside the soldiers of Earth and Mars—the same ones who own the rights to her body and soul. When her former captain abandons her, First Sister’s hopes for freedom are dashed when she is forced to stay on her ship with no friends, no power, and a new captain—Saito Ren—whom she knows nothing about. She is commanded to spy on Captain Ren by the Sisterhood, but soon discovers that working for the war effort is so much harder to do when you’re falling in love.

Lito val Lucius climbed his way out of the slums to become an elite soldier of Venus, but was defeated in combat by none other than Saito Ren, resulting in the disappearance of his partner, Hiro. When Lito learns that Hiro is both alive and a traitor to the cause, he now has a shot at redemption: track down and kill his former partner. But when he discovers recordings that Hiro secretly made, Lito’s own allegiances are put to the test. Ultimately, he must decide between following orders and following his heart.

My Thoughts:

Ooh, what a great opening chapter this is going to be a five star read for sure! (Waittttt for it)

My Review:

Dnf’ing this.  It had a strong first chapter then it progressed into the territory of “we want you to spy on this person because REASONS” and I have a strong idea of where this is going. After checking out the other reviewers, I’m thinking I’m correct about my suspicions and this is a tired, overdone plot. Strong writing and decent characters, but come on. I also grew bored by about 40% of the way through. Which isn’t a good sign. Too bad. That opening chapter had given me such high hopes for a good five star read.*

*=also my review on Goodreads

My Rating:


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