Weekly Check-in #1 for 2023: I Read 15 books so far

I’m starting my Goodreads Goal small, at 50 books, and so far I’m well ahead of schedule! I’m at ten books and counting. Mostly fantasy, with a couple light hearted historical romances flung in to avoid the dreaded slump.

So many five star reads, but a couple that were just three stars. Wheel of Time & Luck in the Shadows we’re both rereads that are five stars. I hope to finally move on with the series of both books. Wheel I’d ever gotten up to book seven and I remember nothing lol. Luck in the Shadows I only ever read the first book. The Traitor Baru Cormorant is also a five star reread, but I need to continue the series for that as well. The rest I read was a few short Tor stories that aren’t able to be shown here, all of which were mostly three stars.

Currently Reading:

I have to pick both of these up from my library but I’m super excited to finally get my hands on these beauties!

Next Up:

These are three physical reads on my owned tbr that I’m fixing to work on. I’m hoping to complete more series this year, and I also just need to get more books read for my Read 100 Owned Books Challenge. Thirteen isn’t a bad start but I seriously need to increase my reading. I’m trying but lots of things keep interrupting.

Kindle Ebooks TBR:

This is my only book on my kindle tbr, as I’m very much a mood reader right now. I’m unsure what else I’ll be reading and I do hope to be more frequent in blogging here soon. January has been quite busy, busier than usual. I hope everyone’s reading week has gone well!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book


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