January TBR 2023: Can I Read 50 Books in a Month?!

Happy New Year!!! 🥳🎉🥳

If you saw that I have a huge challenge to Read My Shelf down a hundred books, then you’ll know I’m going to put in serious effort in making that goal happen. I used to read hefty amounts as a kid. I could easily manage 50 small chapbooks a month. But nowadays, it’s harder to focus and concentrate. I’m hoping that this is the year of reading and making my goal to read 500 books for 2023 happen! I’ve tried making that goal before, but always wound up only reading 200/250 books. This year I barely scrapped 300. I’m a fast reader. I love reading. But depression, anxiety and stress has made reading a challenge. I’m trying to get back into it and crossing my fingers this year wins!

My Big Priority Reads:

There are a few books that I haven’t gotten to the past few years that I’ve been putting off. Here are my top fifteen!

The Dragon Republic I put off long enough, along with Theft of Swords and Song of Achilles. All of these are books I’ve been dying to get to, but just pushed off for some reason or other.

Series Continuation:

Likewise, here are ten series that I’m hoping to get through!

Several of these I’ve started but dnf’d for now. Storm Front I’m at book six. (I think.) A few I have but never cracked open like Lamora and Abercrombie. I very much want to get through these!

Other Priorities:

Huge stacks of unread books, but these aren’t as much of a priority as the others apart from the “clear your shelf” challenge I have going on. I’m serious about reading more than just 20/25 (rarely 30) books a month. I know for a lot of you that’s a lot but for me, it’s really not. I miss reading and I hope, along with the rest of you that also suffer slumps, can get back into reading for 2023.

Here’s to a happy new year!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

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