December Reading Plans: Preparing for Read 100 Books Challenge

Hello Everyone,

My reading plans for December are light and easy. I’m just going to mostly mood read and catch up on a few things here and there. I’m also going to plan to read 100 books for the start of next month, January, for the Read Your Books Challenge.

I’ve modified the challenge to better work for me, but here are the rules and stipulations for me:

  • Read 100 Books for January
  • NO new arcs
  • Preorders are allowed up until Dec 31
  • Only allowed to check out library books to be part of the series that I’m reading
  • No ebooks library or freebies, I must read what’s already in my kindle!
  • I may not add new want to read books to my Goodreads shelf unless part of a series

Those are my plans for December so that I can hopefully manage to knock my tbr from 5500 down a bit. I’d like to see it down to a 1000 books but I’m not holding my breath lol.

TBR booklist soon to come.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book


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