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October 2022 Wrap Up: I Read 30 Books for October!

Hello Everyone,

I’m posting this a couple of days early mostly to get back on track with my schedule for posting. I’ve a few exciting things to post and share with you all. I’m looking forward to it, but first let me say. This month was a slam dunk in terms of reading! I read so much! Let’s show what the best books of October are!

October’s Best Books:

October started off rocky with a few dnf’s and low rated novels, but then I saw a trailer for The Wonder by Emma Donoghue and had to read the book immediately. It did not disappoint! It was the first five star read of the month and it was followed by a few small picture books (I got them on my kindle, as I didn’t realize until reading them they were picture books oops!), a graphic novel called Garlic and the Vampire that was utterly adorable, followed by The Tide Singer which was children’s fiction but excellent for the spooky season. Spectacle came shortly after that and it was very gripping and the cliffhanger is making me desperately want book two. Finally we end the month on a high note. I finally read Six Crimson Cranes and oh my god! The writing! The characters! The representation! It was so good I immediately put a special edition of the book on my wishlist and I plan to buy it asap! It was worth six stars, it was easily the best thing I read all month!!! I can’t wait for the second book and luckily I have an arc for it!

I’m looking forward to November and hoping to breach 30 books. I very much want that 50 books in a month goal matched! I’m crossing my fingers but as the holidays are fast approaching I’m unsure of exactly how much I have time for reading. I hope everyone has a good wrap up for October and let me know your thoughts about the coming month and how you think your reading will go.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book


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