My Year of Reading: I Read 250 books This Year

Hello Everyone,

This year was rough. On all of us. Next year will probably suck even more. But at least there’s books. I’m hoping to double my reading to 500 books next year. Yeah. Unlikely but I’m going to try hard. I really am tired of making tbrs and not following through. Next year? I’m ignoring my slumps and reading everything I can get my hands on. Here’s a look at my Goodreads for this year though. I still have 8 books left but I’m calling it done. I have a week still. And Tor short stories count.

I seriously need to do better next year. I’m sad about the results despite that I read 250 books it’s still not a lot to me.

At least the first book this year is a five star read! I’m hoping that the trend continues next year. I have serious plans for my reading goals next year that I’ll share in another post. I hope all of you enjoyed this brief check in! Hopefully your goals were successful too.

Stay safe and happy holidays everyone,

-Pass Me That Book

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