Discussion (PART ONE): Series/Authors Backlist Books That I Plan To Read For 2022 (A Hefty List)

Hello Everyone,

As of this moment I have over 6,000 books on my want to read shelf. I have almost read 2500(!) books. I’m still in awe at the sheer amount of unread books versus read books. I’ve been reading all my life but it seems as though I’ll never catch up. Also my unread owned books isn’t accurate, but I hope to fix that after Christmas when I get new books to add to my ever growing tbr. But onto the backlist titles!

Agatha Christie

It’s my great displeasure that I have read practically zero of Agatha Christie for 2021. I thought I had read more than two of her books, but regretfully not. I hope to read her books, and introduce a series on my blog called Reading Agatha. (Title in progress.) I hope to read a lot of Agatha Christie books next year and work my way through her backlist titles!

David Eddings

Now I have read a lot of Eddings but I’ve never finished out his books. I read all five of the first Belgariad books, though not any of his others. I hope to correct that next year with lots of rereads and new reads by this author whose one of my favorite fantasy authors.

Kristin Britain

I read Green Rider really enjoyed it but hadn’t picked up the rest of the series at all. Mostly because my library doesn’t seem to have them, but my plan is to reread book one, buy the others, and continue on with the series. This way I hope to be done by spring or late summer if all goes well.

Tad Williams

Another author I adore but never seem to catch up with is Tad Williams. I love his writing and his characters. Each world he created feels unique. I have read maybe six of his books out of order. 22 I hope to read them fully in order and catch up to all his works. But considering his books are as large or bigger than Brandon Sanderson books, that may be quite a challenge!

Brandon Sanderson

Is anyone surprised to see Sanderson on the list? No. Okay, enough said, moving on…

JRR Tolkien & Christopher Tolkien

I recently learned there were alternate versions of the Lord of the Rings and I also haven’t read any of the rest of the books. I hope to do a reread of the series, followed by the rest of the novels. I just have to get copies of them, either through my library or buying them.

Michelle West

I started this series and I very much want to continue reading it. I’m sure I can get far if the library can help me with gaining a copy of the books.

Kate Elliott

Another author that I’ve barely read is Kate Elliott. She’s one of my recent favorites from last year but I haven’t picked up the rest of her books. I hope to next year and plow through series after series and finish another authors backlist titles.

Janny Wurts

Janny Wurts is a name I heard a lot of but have read nothing of her books. Least not that I recall anyway. I don’t own any but I’ve been curious for a few years now about why she’s so awesome according to fans. I hope to read her series next year, but I’m not holding my breath.

Guy Gavrial Kay

Another author that I’ve read one book years ago but really wanted to read his new stuff that’s come out recently is Guy Gavrial Kay. His covers are so fascinating and the storylines are long and good. Tigana is the first I read but certainly not the last!


I can list books and authors all day but I need to remember to keep this semi short. So this is Part One. I’ll maybe do three parts, or five depending on how things turn out. I’m trying to keep this list semi organized, but I hope it’s helpful to all of you as well. Happy reading and I hope your lists for next year aren’t equally as daunting.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

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I am a book blogger, where I talk about my favorite reads, new books I've found, or anything related to reading. I am currently accepting ARCs in the genres: Science Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, and Mystery. I am open for anything, though religious based books are generally not something that I would read, unless a friend/someone I know asks me to. Feel free to email me for questions!

2 thoughts on “Discussion (PART ONE): Series/Authors Backlist Books That I Plan To Read For 2022 (A Hefty List)”

  1. The more recent Tolkien releases are fabulous, I hope you are able to read them as I’m sure you will enjoy them! Your list is ambitious, but full of excellent titles and titles that I’ve never read either, and many of them sound very intriguing so I may look into reading them as well!
    Thanks for sharing,

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