Monthly Wrap Up: April 2021

Hey friends,

As the month passes swiftly by and its already past the halfway point, I’m doing an early wrap up, despite that I still have a week to go, because I can! Now, did I read any of the books on my TBR listed? Let’s see:

I’m currently reading The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso, and I’m about fifty percent through. I’ll finish it easily before the next month, and post a review.

I’m also reading House of Hollows, at the moment, and really enjoying it. I just started it, and when I’m finished with that I’ll start up

Winter Orbit, which is looking to be quite hefty. Not sure I’ll finish this before the end of the month but I’m willing to give it a go.

I’m seven books into that Lady Darby series, and am lacking in the ebook novella.

Currently I’m on A Brush With Shadows!

The only one I didn’t get to was Dark August.

Sad I didn’t get to this one but maybe another time!

Oh my. Does that…does that mean I completed my actual TBR for the month for the first time in AGES?! Seriously?! How’d that happen? Sure, I’m not posting reviews, but I read all but one of the books! *HAPPY DANCE* It worked! Getting a much smaller tbr WORKED!

Let’s not get so excited that next months tbr will increase, but I will add on a couple extra books as buddy reads. Y’all. What should be my reward for finishing all but one book on my tbr?! Let me know in the comments?!

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