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Monday’s Memo: Bookish Updates

Monday’s Memo
Hosted by: RacheLeanne
Description: This is a weekly meme to discuss anything you want to discuss about the week ahead! You may choose to discuss what you are excited about, what book you are reading/want to read. What tasks you need to do this week. What films and TV you are excited for this week. And anything else you can think of!


Finished Reading:

I read a lot! I picked up five books yesterday, and powered through them one after the other. I haven’t had a chance to pick up anything else yet today but I hope to do the same thing later on.

Physical TBR:

Lots of things that I hope to knock out all in this week! I’m sure that I can manage it.

Ebook TBR:

Three ebooks but I might pick others if I finish these. Also begin to expect more reviews soon as March is #MarchNet, a thing I came up with where I read as many Netgalley arcs as I can. The more arcs I read the more rewards I earn. Bonus points in putting up reviews! More to come on that soon but it was inspired by @HowlingLibraries!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.


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