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Monthly TBR: Books I Hope to Read in August

Hello all, and welcome to another tentative TBR for the month of August. These are all likely to be repeats and some new ones thrown in for good measure, as there’s several that I’ve STILL not gotten around to reading, despite my eagerness for them. Let’s see what’s up for the month of August shall we?


Now a lot of these are arcs, so I’ll be concentrating on those most of all, as I’ve been trying to narrow the amount of arcs in my Netgalley profile. I’ve got an alarming number growing, and today didn’t help because I went and requested a good fifty+ more, mainly because I was bored and feeling ambitious for the month of August. I’m hoping to get through all of these, but we’ll see how that actually turns out, shall we?

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book


3 thoughts on “Monthly TBR: Books I Hope to Read in August

  1. This is so ambitious, I love it! Hope you’re having a great reading month so far. I also read Wilder Girls this month, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts if you get to it. 🙂

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