That Fun Stats Post No One Wanted (But I’m Doing Anyway):

A bit belated, as it’s already halfway through the year, and everyone (including me. Aren’t parenthesis fun? {Where would we be without them?}) and their mother’s did The End of the Year Book Freak Out Tag, I decided to do a post that actually featured Statistics. Though I’m horrible at math unlike my younger sister, I’m still fascinated when it comes to stats and the amount of books that I read. So. Without further adieu, here are my stats so far this year, in regards to plots and plans. I’ll update again later on. Yes, yes, I should have done this at the start of the year, but ah well. You live and learn.

Goodreads Goal: 250 Books
Books Reads: 161 (24 books ahead of schedule) YAY!!!!!!

Kindle Ebooks Begging to Be Read| 1002 ebooks total
Physical Copies I Haven’t Touched| 456
Library Books Patiently Waiting For Me| ?
Gifts From Friends/Family I Haven’t Read (the Shame!)| ?
Priority Arcs That Are STILL WAITING| 414
Amazon Wishlist Withering Away| ?
Library Ebooks I Probably Will Never Get To| 670
*That Rare Audiobook I Might Listen To| I plan to listen to 5 of them. 1 down!

*I despise audio books. The voices are never quite right, though there are a few rare cases, such as Good Omens, where it’s too good to pass up or ignore and I wind up falling in love.

?’s = unsure of the exact # because I haven’t stopped and counted every last thing, especially in my public library. One day I might do that, and catalog all the books into my phone. THAT will be an insanely long but maybe fun? project to accomplish

800 Kindle Ebooks, yikes. The number just keeps growing too, with the daily free kindle deals I keep getting. My poor kindle is overloaded, and my phone is too since I haven’t touched my kindle in forever and a day. Maybe I’ll pick up some of the books on there that I’ve forgotten about…lol, yeah. I can dream if I want to! I can leave this world behind…

400 Arcs: yes, I have a problem. It’s called Netgalley…

I very much need to keep better track of all the books I get from friends and family, but it’s hard enough keeping everything straight as it is. I’m typically NOT an OCD person, but lately I’ve been meaning to be more organized when it comes to my reading because it feels like I’m scattered all over the place. I hope y’all enjoyed this horrifying stats post, and that you’re stats are looking far better than my own. I plan on updating more again towards the end of the year, and when next year starts, I will have a firm idea of what better to do with charts. (lol *knocks wood* dies)

Upcoming Reviews: The Duke I Tempted, The Harp of Kings, Brief Cases, and Into Bones Like Oil

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

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