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New Arcs: Thanks Parliament House!

I was recently gifted with some arcs from a wonderful publishing company known as Parliament House. They were kind enough to send in arcs that I’d specifically requested, and I look forward to reading and reviewing as soon as possible! Of course, I have a large number of arcs not just from Parliament House, but also from Kensington House, Netgalley, and many other places as well. The rest of this month will be a mad dash to finish as many arcs as possible. But let’s see what Parliament House sent me, shall we?



All these look wonderful, but I think my most anticipated read out of the choices above is probably “Between the Sea and Stars”, as the cover is just lovely, and the storyline sounds so intriguing.

Again, my thanks to the publishing house, and I look forward to reading all these. Expect reviews soon!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book


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