Book Preview Post: The Sunpath Cycle Series

“The problem with ghosts is that they don’t quite realize that they’re dead.”

A Fading Sun

I received both these books from DAW, so thank you for the books, and I greatly look forward to reading them. Technically, I just finished reading book one and wow, that was a strange but wonderful book to read. I do have issues with it though, and it also comes with plenty of trigger warnings, so first and foremost let’s get that out of the way before I go on talking about the books themselves.

Warnings/Spoilers: death of minor characters, slavery, war, women being beaten, implied rape, implied rape of children, torture, more death, death of a main character at the end of the book?, death of a child, death of a man in an m/m pairing, graphic descriptions of violence=and that’s all just for book one!

{Voada Paorach can see the dead. It is a family trait, but one that has had to remain hidden since the Mundoan Empire conquered her people’s land three generations ago. But this ghost isn’t the same as the others she has glimpsed, the lost souls she has helped to find their way to the land beyond life. This ghost demands that Voada follow a new path, one that will mean leaving behind everything and everyone she has known and loved.

Voada will come to understand the power that her people possess, but she will also learn the steep price that must be paid for such a gift.

Fast-moving and intense, A Fading Sun explores grief, sacrifice, ambition, and the forging of personality in the crucible of war.

As seen on Goodreads.}

I will also make note-if you go about pronouncing character names in your head as you read, like I do-fair thee warning, the names in this book are strange and sometimes long to try and pronounce. I tripped over several of them.

I’m definitely going to insist that if you like ghosts, fascinating magical systems, and bad-ass warrior women then go out and get a copy because holy crap, the author does know how to torment their characters so! It’s heavy reading, but I still managed to really get to finish book one in less than a day, and only put off reading book two because reasons.

There’s the link to the Amazon page, if you’ve a mind to purchase it. If the link doesn’t work, please let me know. I’m still trying to figure links out. In the meantime, I’m going to go and write up my review of book one, and I hope ya’ll liked this little book preview of a series.

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