Netgalley Review: Daisy’s Run

Daisy's Run

Title: Daisy’s Run
Author: Scott Baron
Series: Book 1
Genre: Adult, Science Fiction
Publisher: Curiouser Publishing
Page Count: 400
Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook, Netgalley Read
Review Word Count: 400
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: This book will make you think. It’s a fast paced actiony romance set in the future. And the ending was a cliffhanger.

I’m still thinking about this book. I stayed up until about two in the morning to finish it (couldn’t sleep anyway, so why not read a book if you’re tossing and turning?), and was left wanting more due to it cutting off rather abruptly at the end. The book is set in the future, there’s some romance going on, and there’s lots of action, conspiracies, and general futuristic “how can this have happened” type of stuff going on.

Warnings/slightly spoilers sorry: romantic relationships with cyborgs, death of a main character, dismemberment of an arm via a door, swearing, graphic detailed descriptions of the end of the world, AI’s vs. Humans…uh-can’t really think of what else to add.

I liked the characters. While Daisy was the main character that I was rooting for, I also really liked Vince and Finn-Finn, because he seemed like the sort that I would really like due to his sarcastic nature and being an incredible chef. Vince was also an interesting figure, and not one that I normally go for, but towards the end of the book he moves mountains to get Daisy back safe and sound and doesn’t hold a grudge for some spoiler or another.

There were a couple of issues that I had with this book. I think another editor could look it over, because some of the conversations seemed a bit jarring, and confusing. I’ll have to go through it again and find my highlights for examples, but I think most readers will be able to push through it fine.

I’m giving this a 4/5 stars. The book wasn’t perfect, it was a bit of a slow build up into a ‘wow I did not see that coming’ kind of read, and some of the characters were a bit off-putting. I hope the second book gets to be even better than the first, and definitely look forward to reading it!

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book.

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