Book Spotlight: Elmwean’s Lodge



Elmwean’s Lodge is the first of a series of novelettes that follow the adventures of Professor Reyl and Auburn Thorn. The sequel is scheduled for Christmas.
Also, two new short stories are coming out this Autumn, that center around new characters and are set in different timelines of the Horizon.
Horizon is an original storytelling world and an aspiring gaming universe. The Tales of Horizon ebooks and online content are offered for free on the website:

This series looks quite interesting, and I plan on reading the first book here soon! I would very much like to read it now, but I have four books going at once, and a bit of backlog as well. So many ARCs are piled up onto my computer, I’m afraid I’m very quickly running out of space!

I  plan on reading this along with a few other books here within the week, provided Real Life doesn’t get in the way of my reading time. This is one of the ones that I’m definitely looking forward to the most, and it’s available on the website mentioned above for those who wish to view it themselves!

I hope everyone enjoyed this brief book spotlight.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

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