Book Spotlight: The King’s Daughter Trilogy


Welcome to another Book Spotlight! This one comes with art from a trilogy that I was provided by the author! I plan on reading these very soon, once I thin down some of my other arcs, as I’ve gotten quite a few with release dates that I desperately need to read! Alas, schedules can be quite challenging, as I’m beginning to find out!

This is not the first trilogy done by the author. She’s also written the Golden City trilogy, which I adored, and the Overseer series which is also waiting to be read. She’s written numerous short stories, as well as regular novels. Who is ‘she’ you might ask? Well, she is Jeanette Kathleen Cheney, and she is a talented writer as well as one of my favorite fantasy authors!

For those who have never read this author, I highly recommend it. Not only does she write strong relatable characters, but her fantasy worlds are definitely unique and entertaining!

You can find her series here:

Goodreads: The King’s Daughter Trilogy

Facebook: Jeanette Kathleen Cheney

Amazon: The Amiestrin Gambit

{Hint: it’s only 4.99 currently on Amazon for book one! Also, if the links don’t work, please let me know, as I’m rather new to linking things. Thank you!}

This is on my top ten list to get to in the near future and I greatly look forward to it! I hope to have perked your interest as well!

That’s all for now, however, and I’m off to go read some of those ARCs that I just mentioned!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

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I am a book blogger, where I talk about my favorite reads, new books I've found, or anything related to reading. I am currently accepting ARCs in the genres: Science Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, and Mystery. I am open for anything, though religious based books are generally not something that I would read, unless a friend/someone I know asks me to. Feel free to email me for questions!

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