Edelweiss Review: The Unbinding of Mary Reade


Title: The Unbinding of Mary Reade
Author: Miriam McNamara
Genre: YA, LGBT, Adventure
Page Count: 300
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook, New Release
Review Word Count: 400
Rated: 5/5 stars
Notes: Get your box of tissues ready!

Wow, this book! This book definitely tops my LGBT pick of the month! With pirates, adventure, and heartbreak around every corner, it’s hard not to fall for this little treasure. (See what I did there?)

Warning: physical abuse between husband/wife, cheating, and at least one blink and you miss it attempted suicide towards the end of the book

Mary Reade is a girl who disguises herself as a boy so that she can have more freedom. After her mother helps her to become a man, Mary lives her life as a pirate, learning how to fight and sail and survive out on the high seas.

It’s there, out in the open ocean on board a ship that they’re battling, that she meets Anne Boney, a beautiful woman that Mary falls hard for.

This book sparks so many emotions, that I had to have the tissue box close to hand several times. There are so many unfair things about women back then that infuriates me as well. And I’m still not to happy with all the forced religion either. Such a horrible time, but also such a magical time. It’s hard to describe exactly how this book made me feel when reading it, I’m sad that I put it off for so long, but I had quite a few other books to get to first.

I highly recommend this book, especially if like an honest feel-good lesbian pirate story that showcases the good in people as well as the bad. It’s an epic romance that deserves higher praise and isn’t getting nearly enough attention as it’s been getting. Being Bi myself, this book hits hard and is completely merciless in examining just how horrid men can be about women in disguise.

5/5 stars and I am definitely adding this to my automatic ‘to buy’ list!

-Until next time,
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