Kindle Ebook Review: Enthroned



Title: Enthroned
Author: K. M. Shea
Series: Book 1 of 6
Genre: Fantasy, Retelling
Page Count: 90
Publisher: Take Out the Trash Publications
Type of Book: Kindle Ebook
Review Word Count: 400
Rated: 5/5 stars
Notes: One of the 50 Kindle Ebooks finished!

King Arthur and her Knights captured my attention from the title alone. While at first I didn’t have any interest in Britt due to her personality, I rapidly found myself engaged in the story until 89 pages later, and I was finished and wanting more!

This is a retelling of King Arthur and His Knights, but instead of it being about the male King, Merlin winds up getting Britt, a young girl from the future who pulls the sword out of the stone when at a graveyard doing photo shoots with her two friends.

The story continues with Britt not believing she’s actually in the past, and Merlin telling her she has no way to get home. I’m actually thinking that Merlin is lying about this, because he seems awfully shifty about all of it. I do believe he’s up to something.

Britt survives battles, being crowned King of Britain, gets a dog, and finds that she adores Camelot and how beautiful it is. The writing is fast-paced and action packed, and there’s lots of nods to the original story that I liked. I especially loved the encounter with the Lady of the Lake.

Overall, I’m giving this 5/5 stars because of how fun it was too read. I am definitely looking into getting the rest of this series, and seeing where it goes.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

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