ARC Review: Vault of Dreams

Vault of Dreams

Title: Vault of Dreams
Author: Luke Tyler
Series: Not sure
Page Count: 450
Genre: Fantasy, Adult Fiction
Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Format
Rated: 2/5 stars
Review Word Count:
Notes: DNF after ten chapters
This book was a hard book for me to read. There was so much picturesque that I just couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t that the book was bad, persay, it just felt like a more advanced read than what I’m used to. I really wanted to like it, but it there just longggg paragraphs describing everything under the sun. The book also had one of the habits of swapping between characters points of view from chapter to chapter. It grew frustrating, as soon as I started getting connected to one character the next chapter reverted to the old character.

I give points for the beautiful cover, which was what initially drew me to the book. When I saw the plot, I was definitely interested.

Sounds awesome, right? But no, the story dragged. I didn’t feel connected to the characters, and I just couldn’t feel myself invested in the book at all. Apologies to the author, but this book…I didn’t like it.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

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