ARC Review: Ten After Closing



10PM: Closing time at Café Flores. The door should be locked, but it isn’t, Scott Bradley and Winsome Sommervil are about to become hostages.

Title: Ten After Closing
Author:  Jessica Bayless
Genre: YA, Romantic/Suspense
Page Count: 200
Publisher: Pony Press
Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook, New Release
Review Word Count: 300
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: Arc available on Edelweiss

This was an exciting book, filled with lots of action, drama, and romance. When Scott, Winsom, Pavan, and a handful of others all get caught up in a hostage situation with three young men who are desperate for money in a tiny little restaurant, Scott tries to find a way to get them free and safe. But with a dead cell phone, one dead body, and the only real fighter in the small group taken hostage who was a veitnam war veteran shot in the leg…their chances aren’t looking so good.

The plot goes on, revealing what happened to everyone before the hostage scene took place. To be honest, I was more interested in the ‘after’ chapters than the ‘befores’, and it also alternates between characters Scott and Winsom, aka Winny.

The story is a rapid-paced, action filled adventure that’s full of life or death situations. I really liked the character Scott quite a bit, though his home life situation calls for a trigger warning of child abuse, whereupon the father physically abuses Scott on near daily basis. Scott is desperate to escape, and find his way to college, but with the lack of funds holding him back, he winds up working out of a small restaurant that barely makes any money…the same restaurant that he gets held hostage in, with his friends and a few customers that he barely knows.

It’s an entertaining read, and I’m sad that it took me this long to get to it. I liked the book enough that I’m definitely willing to read more from the author in the future. Overall, I’m giving this book 4/5 stars.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book.

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