My Top #5 TBR Thursday!

Ash Princess1

It’s TBR (To Be Read) Thursday, and today’s book choice is Ash Princess, which I received from my public library! It’s a book that I’ve been wishing to have for a while now, it’s popped up on quite a few different blogs that I follow, and I’m eagerly awaiting tonight where I can finally sit down, crack open the spine, and read the book that I can now cross off of my wish list.

#1: Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian is a young adult fantasy that sounds pretty awesome. It’s got war, magic, queens, murder, rebellion…all the good stuff that you know you’re going to enjoy.



#2: The Unbinding of Mary Reade by Miriam McNamara is another one that’s on my radar to read this weekend. It’s got pirates and girls in disguise. Need I say more?

The Tory

#3: The Tory by TJ London-I have kinda sort started this already, so far I’m enjoying it. It’s a good historical read, and I love that cover! This is yet another new arc that I have, that I need to review, so it’s definitely on my TBR list!


#4: Heart of Mist Book 1 by Helen Scheuerer-this has been on my TBR for ages, but I’ve been putting it off till the trilogy is close to complete. Now that I know it is, I’m fixing to start reading this ASAP, because just look at the cover! Not to mention, its FANTASY, and we all know that’s my weakness!

The Source of Magic

#5 The Source of Magic by Cate Rowan-I requested this one at my library (along with several others, of course), and am awaiting its delivery, hoping I can review it before too long. Another cover that is quite beautiful, don’t you think?


And there you have it! My Top #5 TBR books for the coming week. Next week, even more fantasy, young adult fiction, and arcs!

Until Next Time,

-Pass Me That Book.


5 thoughts on “My Top #5 TBR Thursday!

    • The Red Queen series is excellent! You definitely have good taste. =) I am still lingering from the first book, so haven’t started book 2 yet but it’s on the list. Glad you are reading Heart of Mist as well! Thanks for your kind comment, and I definitely shall enjoy my reading night tonight!

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        • One of my favorite young adult authors! I am slowly collecting her entire Throne of Glass series. I have the first two books in very nice condition sitting on my shelves, but have yet to get book three, though I have read it. I haven’t read book four yet, as I want to linger on the series as much as possible. =) I am seriously crossing my fingers that the rumors about the series being turned into a Netflix show become true!

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  1. Ugh get on it!! Her new book will be out here soon!! But I’m glad they’re in good condition. Be proud of any books in good condition! The rumors are true!! Although it’ll be hulu! She announced it on her social media and her website and the company confirmed and supposedly it’s coming out this year :))))

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