Indie Book Review: If We Had No Winter


Title: If We Had No Winter
Author: D. L. Pitchford
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie
Page Count: 421
Type of Book: Paperback, New Release
Rated: 4.8/5 stars


If We Had No Winter is a book that’s filled to the brim with drama, humor, heartbreak, more drama, and art. It’s a book about a girl who is full of uncertainty about everything except math-because math always gives you the right answer if you know how to work the problem. This book has references for things like Gilmore Girls, Yu-Gi-Oh, AC/DC, classic cars, and even the X-Men. It’s got characters with such depth that it’s hard to believe you’re reading a book and not standing there with them, watching things going on. (Though it’s a good thing you’re not there, some of the scenes would be awkward if you were, lol.) There’s romance, there’s family issues, there’s college classes. It’s nice to read a book that takes place where I live as well, I recognized several of the small city names, though a few I haven’t been too I have heard of. Perhaps my only complaint of this book was that it seemed to cut off rather abruptly, though it ended on a semi-happy note of which made me happy.

This book took up two days of my life, as I sat and flipped through page after page, eager to see what happened next. Billie is a likeable character, one that you can easily get attached to, and see her emotions. I loved her sister Imogen (Mo), and there’s also Jimmy and Xander and her father. There’s also Zane, who you will not like towards the end of the book.

There’s all kinds of life within this book, and while it’s not my usual type of read (I’m more for fantasy novels) it’s still an excellently written novel about characters that try to move on despite all the drama that’s happened in their lives.

If you haven’t read this, you should definitely go out and buy it, read it, and let the author know that she’s an excellent writer and I cannot wait until book 2 to see what happens with Billie and the surprise she received towards the end of book one.

And in the meantime,
-Pass Me That Book.

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