Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

Okay, so this isn’t a review post. But it does feature books that are being released this year/next year, so its still book related, so that counts, right? I spotted these on random places: Pinterest, Amazon, author websites. I hope that these look as good as I think they do. I either picked these because of the gorgeous covers, the title is catchy, or because the author is someone I’ve read before, or because the storyline is interesting…you get the idea, right? Anyway, here’s the books that I’m interested in for the upcoming year:

All of these look really awesome, especially that last one, the YA fantasy book. It was one that I only just discovered, so I hope you guys look it up and add it to your wish lists! So many that are coming out are fantasy and retellings. While I’m tired of retellings, I’ll admit a couple of them look rather awesome despite their being retellings.

In any case, that’s this post done.

Now I’m off to read.

Pass me that book!

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I am a book blogger, where I talk about my favorite reads, new books I've found, or anything related to reading. I am currently accepting ARCs in the genres: Science Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, and Mystery. I am open for anything, though religious based books are generally not something that I would read, unless a friend/someone I know asks me to. Feel free to email me for questions!

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