Paperback Review: The Neverland Wars

The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse was a signed book that I picked up from the Half Priced Book Fair in Kansas City. I read it in a couple of hours, when I was finally in the mood for a retelling, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There are stories within stories, strong characters, familiar themes, and interesting ideas on why kids should have the choice to not grow up.

This was a fantastical novel, and a story that I’m sure we’re all familiar with; though there are differences here. For one thing, the girl that was taken had an older sister who was a teenager who managed to get to go to Neverland, despite being a bit older than what Pan usually took.

Gwen is attempting to convince her little sister to go home with her. Gwen’s sister convinced Pan to take her because she was an amazing story teller. And the stories she told took my breathe away, they were fantastical and unique in every sense of the word. I really, really loved the one about the stars and Eugene.

Overall, I’d rate this book 5/5 stars. The only disappointing factor was it didn’t have one of my favorite Pan characters, Captain Hook.  But otherwise, great job to the author for a tale well told!

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