ARC Review: The Crystal Doors

The Crystal Doors (Book 1) by Jevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta was a fine story with remarkable characters, and a wild watery adventure! It was a little young for my tastes, admittedly, but it read very well and I liked the story overall. It was a fun book, and I spent the last couple of days reading it and wondering why I hadn’t encountered this book sooner. I’m pretty sure that if I had read this as a teenager, it would’ve been one of my most favorite books.

I requested this book from Baen, who kindly sent me a kindle version of it. They also sent me two other physical books which I will review shortly, but am not quite finished reading yet. This one was one I requested because I’m familiar with the author Kevin J. Anderson’s works, and have always liked his writing style. I’ve never read Rebecca Moesta, I don’t think. Still, both writers have talent, which is evident in this book here.

As its book 1, I will definitely be needing the next book as it left several things unanswered at the end. I think my favorite character out of the book was probably Afirik (don’t ask me to pronounce it, please, lol). She was pretty awesome, though I also like the two main characters Vic and Gwen. Both of them are smart, intelligent kids who have a whole new world to discover and play in with plenty of danger that follows them.

Overrall, this reminded me strongly of series like Animorphs and Dinotopia, both favorites of mine., with its grand epic scope and size of the new world featuring all kinds of people and monsters. I’d easily give this a  5/5 stars, for its clever writing, and witty characters.

So go out and get this book. You won’t regret it. It’s got everything one could want in an otherworldy adventure!

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