Books in the Mail

Books in the Mail is a post that’s fairly new, where I talk about ARCs that I’ve received from various publishing groups/companies. Today’s is Soul of the World by David Mealing. It’s a massive book, over 600+ pages that I need to read again because I feel like I’ve missed a few things. Here is my review, also posted on Goodreads and Amazon:

Well, this book took a while. It being over 600+ pages, and very detailed, it slowed me down quite a bit. There was a lot to see within this book, which made for some confusing reading here and there, but overall, I really liked it.

The writing is awesome. I love this writing style, and the only disappointing factor was the way that some things dragged. It would drag a bit, but then it would pick up the pace, and then drag itself down again. It was frustrating.

That being said, I liked the characters. I liked the magic system that Mr. Mealing built. It was definitely something I’d not encountered before (at least, not that I recall right off), and his way with words is impressive.

I will definitely read this book again sometime soon, and add more to this review, because it deserves more than what I’m writing now. I just need to read it again, take notes, and see if I’ve missed anything.

Thank you to Orbitz/Hatchett Book Group for this book, I really do appreciate it, it was excellent!


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