I Am Princess X Book Review



This book was impressive.

I finished it in four hours last night, because I didn’t want to stop. May and Libby were both amazing characters, the Jackdaw was one cool dude, and the bad guys were normal scary bad guys. They all had reasons for doing the things that they did, which made you sympathize with them while at the same time shouting at them that what they were doing was wrong.

The entire book focused around May but at the same time, it was telling Libby’s story of how she lost her mother, of how she was imprisoned…

Without giving away too many spoilers: May meets an IT guy who lives in the same apartment building she does. She and the IT guy-Patrick, who prefers to be called Trick-work together to find Libby and bring her back from the dead and save her from the bad guys.

It’s a fascinating story, and the artwork is awesome. I’m really in love with this book, and highly recommend buying it, it’s that good.

Thanks to Cherie Priest for writing this, because I really enjoyed it, and definitely look forward to more from Libby and May because it felt like it cut off rather abruptly at the end. Even despite that, the book is phenomenal, and I really love it.

Five amazing stars!

{review also posted on Goodreads, and Amazon}

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